The industry standard for LCD screen quality

by:Kimeery     2021-08-21
Since LCD screen manufacturers cannot achieve high quality for all products, LCD screens can be divided into A+, A, B, C and other levels according to the difference in quality, except that the A-level screen is basically the same as the above national standards. In addition, the A+ screen is higher than the national standard and can achieve zero bright spots; the B-level screen has more secondary points than the above national standards, and is mainly used for industrial purposes; the C-level screen even has a blurry image. From a practical point of view, AUO and Chi Mei can achieve the quality commitment of 100% and zero highlights on the A+ screen, while Samsung and LG-Philips only promise to achieve 90%. In fact, there is no obvious difference in quality between Taiwanese screens and Japanese and Korean screens. 'According to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 13406-2 standard revised in 2001, this standard defines the image quality and ergonomic specifications of LCD screens. This standard includes brightness, contrast, reflection, brightness and color consistency, and flicker. , Characteristic analysis and screen dead pixels, etc. In terms of screen dead pixels, ISO 13406-2 defines a total of 4 levels of quality. Class 1 is the highest level (no dead pixels are allowed), and Class 4 is the worst level. Generally, no manufacturers use these two specifications. With current manufacturing technology, almost all manufacturers quote the specifications between Class 2 or Class 3 as the standard for product failure warranty.
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