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The key material of LCD plastic ball

by:Kimeery     2021-09-02
Plastic balls Why use plastic balls? Plastic ball material: The cross-linked copolymer plastic liner with divinylbenzene as the main material has a thermal expansion coefficient close to that of liquid crystal. It can prevent the liner from moving when the thickness of the mobile LCDscreen cell expands at high temperatures, and it can prevent voids at low temperatures; The size changes when the load is loaded, and it is suitable as a material for micro-controlling the thickness of the liquid crystal cell. Regardless of the material of the pad, the management of physical, chemical, and optical properties and the management of purity are important. Especially the management of particle diameter distribution is very important. In the case of elastic spacers, the thickness of the liquid crystal cell is not determined by the size of a single spacer. Therefore, the ideal situation is to make the particle diameter distribution area as narrow as possible. Suppliers generally use the CV value to evaluate the diameter distribution. In terms of color, there are white and black plastic balls. The former is cheaper and the latter is more expensive. The former is generally used to make TN ordinary STN models, while the latter is used to make products with high cell uniformity requirements, but it should be noted that the blue film caused by the orientation of the black plastic ball on the liquid crystal. The diameter of the plastic ball is not continuous, so the later process control is important, otherwise it is easy to cause uneven thickness of the box. At present, the main suppliers of SPAECR are Sekisui Chemical Corporation (SEKISUI), Hayakawa Corporation and CCIC.
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