The mobile phone that the LCD party is looking forward to is here! iQOO Neo5 vitality version announced: Snapdragon 870 blessing

by:Kimeery     2021-06-06

Today, iQOO announced that it will launch a new member of the iQOO Neo series-iQOO Neo5 Vitality Edition on May 24.

At present, this new machine has obtained 3C certification, the model is V2118A, and it is equipped with a 44W charger.

Compared with iQOO Neo5, one of the biggest changes of iQOO Neo5 Active Edition is the use of a high-brush LCD full screen, while the former iQOO Neo5 uses a 120Hz AMOLED full screen.

We know that the previous generation iQOO Neo3 used a combination of high-brush LCD screen (refresh rate 144Hz) + Snapdragon flagship 865 processor.

From the information revealed, the upcoming iQOO Neo5 vitality version also uses such a combination, which uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chip.

To sum up, iQOO Neo5 Active Edition is a high-performance mobile phone specially built for the LCD party. Although LCD for Samsung screens have become standard for flagship mobile phones, even more and more mid-range models have adopted it. OLED screens, but there are still some consumers who like LCD screens. For these users, the iQOO Neo5 vigorous version is worth looking forward to.

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