The new LCD screen iPhone features have been cut and will not be simultaneously listed

by:Kimeery     2021-05-28

It is rumored that this year's Apple will have three new mobile phones announced. The legendary iPhone SE2 has not been certified by much news at the Apple Developer Conference, which also maintains Apple's consistent style. Although there is no official information about other new models, there are rumors about the new models on the Internet.

There has been news recently that the total number of Apple’s three new models will be less than last year, and the time to market for one of the phones may be delayed by about one month than the other two, and In order to save costs, Face ID is retained, and many mature functions have been cut. The news pointed out that this reduced model is likely to be the iPhone equipped with an LCD version.

These three new models are the 2018 iPhone X, iPhone X Plus and LCD version of the new iPhone, of which 18 iPhone X and PLUS versions will be released in September this year and may be at the end of the same month Officially listed. However, the relatively low-priced LCD version may not be officially launched until October.

The news pointed out that the reason for this is that the cheaper iPhone may start mass production in August, one month later than the two 'X' models with OLED screens. time. Since from July this year, Foxconn and Pegatron, the two major Apple iPhone foundries, will begin to assemble parts for the new LCD for Samsung models, while the assembly time for the LCD version will have to wait until August, so the two LCD for Samsung models The time of shipment from the factory may be about a month earlier than the LCD version.

According to this news, we can see that the number of new mobile phones released by Apple this year has risen from two last year to three this year. Apple is also constantly enriching its mobile phone product line and providing users with more select. It shows that Apple is breaking the original single product line that only released one mobile phone at a time. Although this change is not significant, it has been seen that Apple is also catering to the market closely to ensure its own mobile phone industry. This is not like Apple's lead the market in its heyday. But the lean camel is bigger than the horse, and Apple will still occupy the top spot in the mobile phone industry.

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