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The next generation of new TVs is here: screen quality replaces LCD/OLED?

by:Kimeery     2021-06-04

MicroLED with self-luminous, non-burning screen, and capable of driving ultra-high resolution is considered to be the future direction of display development. At CES earlier this year, Samsung released the 146-inch 'The Wall' MicroLED flagship TV.

According to TheInvestor report, LG will bring its first and the world’s largest MicroLED TV, reaching 175 inches at the IFA opening at the end of this month.

At the same time, LG’s TV will be thinner than Samsung’s 80mm.

For the rumors, LG spokesperson did not confirm, but stated that LG is indeed developing and researching MicroLED technology.

Currently, LG’s TVs mainly use LCD and OLED panels, but LCD for Samsung panels have been rejected by its peer Samsung for large-size TVs and longer power-on devices, because the burn-in problem is always uncontrollable.

In July of this year, Samsung also secretly demonstrated a 73-inch MicroLED TV at an internal meeting, which may be unveiled at this IFA. In addition, Samsung confirmed that it will release a higher-end MicroLED TV next year, the thickness is reduced to 30mm.

The picture shows Samsung’s first MicroLED TV 'The Wall'

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