The OLED market reached US$26.3 billion in 2019, completely surpassing the LCD market

by:Kimeery     2021-06-07

The rapid development of domestic OLED screens: it will stop Samsung and LG. On OLED screens, domestic manufacturers are also desperately catching up with Samsung. For South Korea's Samsung and LG, they are still the leaders in this industry. One is occupying small and medium-sized OLEDs. Screen, and the other is a high-end large screen.

With the development and increasing use of OLED screens, it will break through and completely put the LCD screen under its body, leading the development of the entire industry. According to a statistical report from Fuji Chimera Research, a market research agency, the global AMOLED panel market will reach 41.36 billion U.S. dollars in 2022, a figure that will triple that of 2016.

The report also pointed out that the market size of LCD for Samsung panels in 2019 will reach 26.3 billion US dollars, completely surpassing the LCD screen market.

Currently, domestic manufacturers are developing very rapidly on OLED screens. Among them, it is said that BOE has entered the Apple OLED screen supply system, and in order to weaken Samsung’s scope, Apple has begun to increase the supply of OLED screens for the iPhone. In addition to BOE, LG is also the main support manufacturer.

It is reported that the domestic OLED screen market will surpass Samsung, LG and other Korean manufacturers after 2022.

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