The only LCD flagship of the Mi 10 family, the Mi 10T series preheats offline

by:Kimeery     2021-05-27

The new member of the Xiaomi Mi 10 family, the Mi 10T series, will soon be released overseas. This new machine has begun to warm up in offline channels.

On September 21, some netizens posted a huge advertisement for the Xiaomi 10T series displayed in Xiaomi's offline stores in Thailand, which means that the Xiaomi 10T series will be launched in Thailand.

Compared with Mi 10, Mi 10T series screens are also hole-digging screen solutions. However, the Mi 10T series is an LCD screen with a refresh rate of 144Hz, while the Mi 10 is an AMOLED hyperboloid flexible screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz.

Not only that, because the Mi 10T series uses LCD screens, the fingerprint solution has to use side fingerprints, and Mi 10 supports screen fingerprints. PS: This is the only flagship product of Xiaomi Mi 10 series with LCD screen.

More importantly, both are Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship processors, but Xiaomi 10T Pro has a larger battery capacity of 5000mAh, while Xiaomi 10 has a battery capacity of 4780mAh.

In addition, the image of the Mi 10T series is also different from the Mi 10. The main camera of Mi 10T is 64 million pixels, the main camera of Mi 10T Pro is 100 million pixels (108MP), and the main camera of Mi 10 is 100 million pixels.

In terms of price, Xiaomi 10T Pro may be priced at 699 euros (about 5600 yuan) in Europe, and it is not expected that there will be a National Bank version.

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