The operating principle of the LCD screen and the meaning of HD and FHD

by:Kimeery     2021-08-20
The LCD screen is based on the liquid crystal material as the basic component, and the liquid crystal material is filled between two parallel plates, and the arrangement of the molecules inside the liquid crystal material is changed by voltage to achieve the purpose of shading and transmitting light to display different shades. A consistent image, and as long as a ternary color filter layer is added between the two plates, a color image can be displayed. So what is the working principle of the LCD screen, let us continue to understand it together. The operating principle of LCD screenAt present, most of the liquid crystal display technology is mainly based on TN, STN, and TFT. Therefore, we will discuss their operating principles from these three technologies. The TN-type liquid crystal display technology can be said to be the most basic of the liquid crystal display screens, and other types of LCD screenscreens can also be said to be improved based on the TN-type as the origin. Similarly, its operating principle is simpler than other technologies. The TN-type liquid crystal display has a simple structure, including vertical and horizontal polarizing plates, an alignment film with fine grooves, liquid crystal materials, and a conductive glass substrate. The imaging principle is to place the liquid crystal material between two pieces of transparent conductive glass attached to the vertical polarizing plate of the optical axis. The liquid crystal molecules will rotate in sequence according to the direction of the fine grooves of the alignment film. If the electric field is not formed, the light will be smooth. It enters from the polarizer, rotates the direction of travel according to the liquid crystal molecules, and then exits from the other side. If the two pieces of conductive glass are energized, an electric field will be created between the two pieces of glass, which will affect the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules between them, causing the molecular rods to twist, and the light will not pass through, thereby shielding the light source. The phenomenon of light-dark contrast obtained in this way is called the twisted nematic field effect, or TNFE (twisted nematic field effect) for short. Almost all LCD screens used in electronic products are made using the principle of twisted nematic field effect. The display principle of the STN type is similar. The difference is that the liquid crystal molecules of the TN twisted nematic field effect rotate the incident light by 90 degrees, while the STN super twisted nematic field effect rotates the incident light by 180 to 270 degrees. What I want to explain here is that a pure TN liquid crystal display itself has only two modes of light and dark (or black and white), and there is no way to change the color. The STN LCD screeninvolves the relationship between the liquid crystal material and the interference of light, so the color tones displayed are mainly light green and orange. However, if a color filter is added to the traditional monochrome STN liquid crystal display, and any pixel (pixel) of the monochrome display matrix is u200bu200bdivided into three sub-pixels, each of which passes through the color filter. The film displays the three primary colors of red, green, and blue, and through the reconciliation of the ratios of the three primary colors, the colors of the full-color mode can also be displayed. In addition, if the display screen of the TN-type liquid crystal display is made larger, the contrast of the screen will appear poor, but the improved technology of STN can make up for the lack of contrast. TFT-type liquid crystal displays are more complicated, and the main components include fluorescent tubes, light guide plates, polarizing plates, filter plates, glass substrates, alignment films, liquid crystal materials, thin-mode transistors, and so on. First of all, the liquid crystal display must first use the LED backlight, that is, the fluorescent tube to project the light source. These light sources pass through a polarizing plate and then through the liquid crystal. At this time, the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules changes the angle of light penetrating the liquid crystal. Then the light must pass through the colored filter film and another polarizing plate in the front. Therefore, we can control the final light intensity and color by changing the voltage value that stimulates the liquid crystal, and then can change the color combination of different shades on the liquid crystal panel. The meaning of HD and FHD in LCD display 1. HD display HD is the abbreviation of English High Definition, HD is the resolution or the pixel is 1280*720. It is our most common term to describe high-definition displays, defined as images and videos with a vertical resolution greater than 720. Simply put, the 720P display screen we usually say is the HD screen. 2. FHD display FHD is called Full High Definition (Full HD), which can be translated into full high definition display. The resolution of full HD can generally reach 1920*1080, which is what we often call a 1080P screen. At present, almost all mid-to-high-end models use this resolution screen. This is the end of the introduction about the operation principle of the LCD screen and the meaning of HD and FHD. Netizens who want to know more about this information can directly follow Kimeery!
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