The parameters that should be paid attention to when choosing the LCD module

by:Kimeery     2021-08-22
When we choose the LCD module, we should consider the following parameters: 1. Brightness, 2. Contrast, 3. Viewing angle, 4. Response time, etc. 1. Brightness: The liquid crystal itself is a substance that cannot emit light. It is between the liquid and solid state and requires other light sources to emit light. The earliest liquid crystal display was composed of two upper and lower lamps. With the development of technology, it has been popularized to four or even six lamps. The four-lamp design is divided into three types of placement: one is that there is a lamp on each of the four sides, but the disadvantage is that there will be dark shadows in the middle. The second is to arrange the four light tubes horizontally from top to bottom, and the last one is a 'U'-shaped arrangement, which is actually four light tubes produced by two lamps in disguise. The six-lamp design actually uses three lamps. The manufacturer bends all three lamps into a 'U' shape, and then places them in parallel to achieve the effect of six lamps. 2. Contrast: control IC, filter, and oriented film and other accessories will affect the contrast of LCD panel manufacturing. Generally speaking, a contrast ratio of 350:1 is sufficient. But if it is in some professional fields, only high-end liquid crystal displays can meet the needs of high contrast. Therefore, when choosing, you should choose the one that suits you according to your needs. 3. Viewing angle: The viewing angle of LCD has always been a problem that bothers everyone. After the backlight passes through the polarizer, liquid crystal and alignment layer, the output light has directivity. Therefore, when viewing a liquid crystal display from a certain angle, you cannot see its original color, and can only see all white or all black. In order to solve this problem, people started to develop wide-angle technology. So far, the more popular technologies are TN+FILM, IPS (IN-PLANE-SWITCHING) and MVA (MULTI-DOMAIN VERTICAL alignMENT). 4. Response time: Response time refers to the response speed of the LCD screento the input signal, usually in milliseconds (ms). For liquid crystal displays, displays below 40ms will have obvious 'tailing' or 'after-image' phenomenon, which makes people feel chaotic. If you want the image to be smooth, you need to achieve a speed of 60 frames per second.
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