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The process of LCM

by:Kimeery     2021-08-28
LCM We all know that LCM is an LCD display module, a liquid crystal module, which is a series of components assembled in all components, these parts include LCD screendevices, connectors, some peripheral circuits for control and driving, PCB circuit boards, and backlights. , Structural parts and so on. LCM process LCM process is also called composite liquid molding process, which is the abbreviation of Liquid Composite Molding, which refers to composite material liquid molding technology represented by RTM, RFT and RRIM. The main principle of LCM is to lay the reinforced material preform designed according to the performance and structure requirements in the mold cavity, and then use the injection equipment to inject the special resin, such as closing the cavity or heating and melting the resin film in the cavity. The periphery of the mold has a sealing and fastening as well as an injection and exhaust system. Its function is to ensure the smooth flow of the resin and exhaust all the gas in the mold cavity and completely infiltrate the fibers. The mold itself has a heating system for heating and curing and then forming the composite material component.
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