The production of the new iPhone machine focuses on LCD and will continue to be used next year

by:Kimeery     2021-06-06

Korean media reported at the end of May that Apple planned to use OLED panels on all iPhones launched next year (2019). As soon as the news came out, Japan Display Inc, the main supplier of Apple’s liquid crystal panel (LCD), was dragged down. (JDI) stock price plummeted to a record low. However, the well-known financial media The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) slammed the above-mentioned Korean media report, saying that Apple values u200bu200bprice. Therefore, it is expected that in the next-generation iPhone production plan to be sold this year (2018), Apple will focus more on the LCD version, and it is expected to open next year. The new machines sold will continue to use LCD.

It is expected that there will be three next-generation iPhone vibes to be sold this year. In addition to the upgraded version of the current iPhone X (5.8 inches), the iPhone X Plus with a 6.5-inch LCD for Samsung panel and equipped with New machine with 6.1-inch LCD.

The Japanese version of the Wall Street Journal reported on the 15th that in the new iPhone production plan that is expected to go on sale this fall, Apple will focus on the cheaper LCD version, mainly because consumers are very sensitive to the price of smart phones. Apple's original production plan was that the number of LCD version models was the same as that of OLED version models, but now Apple plans to produce more LCD version models.

The report pointed out that according to supply chain sources, Apple estimates that the LCD version of the new iPhone launched this fall will account for more than half of the sales, and it is planned to be sold on the new iPhone next year. Continue to use LCD.

According to the quotation of the Castrol XQ global winner system, JDI plummeted 2.68% on the 18th to close at 145 yen. It soared 6.7% to 159 yen, a new high since April 16.

Recently, it has been reported that due to the sluggish sales of the iPhone X using LCD for Samsung panels, Apple conservatively views the sales performance of the new iPhone that is expected to be sold this year, so the new machine parts orders will be cut by 20%. It is reported that the LCD for Samsung panels for the new iPhone will be exclusively provided by Samsung, while the LCD panels will be provided by Japan’s JDI and South Korea’s LG Display (LGD). Sharp, which Hon Hai (2317) has invested in, is not expected to be included in the supply list.

JDI pointed out on May 15 that the company’s new LCD panel 'Full Active' with ultra-narrow bezels on 4 sides will receive customer feedback in the second half of the year (October 2018-March 2019). Due to strong demand, it is estimated that revenue in 2018 (April 2018-March 2019) will show rapid growth, with an estimated annual increase of 10-20%, and an estimated profit margin of 2-3%.

In addition, Korean media recently claimed that the new 6.1-inch LCD version uses a 'bangs' design like the iPhone X, but due to the poor yield rate of LCD panels from manufacturers such as JDI, it may be postponed to November. To start selling. However, the report was slapped by Guo Mingchi, known as 'the strongest Apple analyst on the surface.'

The Japanese website, taisy0 quoted MacRumors’ report on June 4. Tianfeng International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued a report stating that Apple will launch three new iPhones this fall, the three new models All of them will be equipped with facial recognition technology 'Face IDThe price will be more aggressive if it is lowered.

Guo Mingchi predicts that the new 6.1-inch LCD version of the iPhone will be priced at US$600-700, which will be lower than the current iPhone 8; iPhone X 2 is estimated to be priced at US$800-900, which is higher than the iPhone X (Starting from US$999) is cheap; iPhone X Plus is estimated to be priced at US$900-1,000.

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