The role and advantages of LED backlight used in LCD TVs

by:Kimeery     2021-08-27
LED backlight refers to the use of light-emitting diodes as the backlight of the liquid crystal display. Compared with the traditional cold cathode tube backlight, LED has the characteristics of low power consumption, low heat generation, high brightness and long life. The brightness of the LED backlight is high, and the brightness will not decrease after long-term use. The body of the LED backlight is thinner, the appearance is also beautiful, and the color is softer. The color of the hard screen panel can make the eyes more comfortable. All LED backlights Both have low power-saving environmental protection radiation. Next, Kimeery will briefly introduce the advantages and functions of LED backlight LCD TVs to netizens. LCD LCD TVs LCD TVs are different from traditional TVs mainly in the use of different backlight sources, which bring about many differences in performance. LCD LCD TVs use light-emitting diodes as backlight sources, which are thicker and more beautiful than traditional LCD TVs with CCFL backlights. It has more advantages in terms of quality, longevity, energy saving and environmental protection, and has become the industry's recognized LCD TV development direction. The advantages and functions of LED backlight LCD TV 1. The LCD screen itself does not emit light and needs a backlight. LED backlight LCD TV uses LED light-emitting diodes as the backlight. It has five advantages over cold cathode fluorescent tube backlights: 1 , Ultra-wide color gamut, can reach 105% NTSE color gamut, so the colors are more vivid. 2. Ultra-thin appearance, the thinnest reaches 1.99 cm, more fashionable. 3. Energy saving and environmental protection, the energy consumption is 52% lower than the cold cathode backlight, and there is no mercury pollution of the cold cathode tube. 4. Long life span, reaching nearly 100,000 hours. It can be used for 27 years if it is opened for 10 hours a day. 5. Ultra-high contrast ratio of 10000:1 can be achieved, and the definition is higher. 2. Function: 1. The above performance advantages determine that the LED backlight is a technically alternative product of cold cathode backlight. The current market price is basically 150% of that of cold cathode backlight products. There is no choice for the LED backlight itself. The main choice for the whole machine is the choice of the technical performance parameters of the LCD panel, such as the maximum physical resolution, dynamic response time, etc., which are the same as ordinary LCD TVs. 2. The main method of appearance difference is that the LED screen is ultra-thin, and the 'illuminance and temperature' cannot be seen. 3. LED is a semiconductor energized to emit light, no electromagnetic radiation, harmless to the human body. 4. It's hard to say that the most prone to be bad, anyway, the theoretical life of LED backlight is longer than the current technology of LCD panel. The advantages and functions of LED backlight LCD TVs mainly include the points introduced by Kimeery above. Netizens in need can also contact Kimeery directly!
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