The scope of use of LCD screens and digital tubes

by:Kimeery     2021-08-21
To understand the scope of use of LCD screens and digital tubes, we first have to look at their characteristics, and then determine their reasonable use categories according to their respective characteristics. One: Features of LCD screens 1. Low power consumption. Liquid crystal molecules are driven by voltage. Drive, the LCD screen basically does not consume power. The maximum power consumption of the product is mainly the backlight, but the backlight is mainly composed of two to three LED lamp beads, which consumes far less power than the digital tube. 2. The viewing angle is narrow due to the liquid crystal molecules. Distortion characteristics cause deviations in the viewing angle of the LCD screen. The viewing angle in only one direction is very clear, and the viewing angle in other places will have ghosting, resulting in a very narrow viewing angle of the product. 3. The content that can be carried is more than the LCD LCD screen Lines are drawn in the middle of the glass and liquid crystals are perfused, so high-precision operation can be achieved, the display content can be diversified, and the display colors can also be colorful. 2: The characteristics of the digital tube 1. High power consumption. Every pen segment of the digital tube is Composed of a single LED chip, compared to the LCD screen with only four to six chips at most, the power consumption of the digital tube is several times or even tens of times that of the LCD. 2. The wide viewing angle digital tube is different from the liquid crystal products. The viewing angle is limited, the digital tube is basically a product with full viewing angle. 3. The display content is simple. Because the digital tube is a solid structure and is affected by some product quality requirements and influences, it cannot be small and display a lot of products. 3: LCD screen and digital Based on the above characteristics, it is not difficult for us to conclude that the LCD screen is a display product with low power consumption, narrow viewing angle, and rich display content. Therefore, it is mostly used for hand-held display products with rich colors, diversified display content and low power consumption. In this way, the LCD screen can also be durable; and the digital tube is suitable for some products with a single display, wide viewing angle, and direct power supply
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