The solution to the problem of LCD display

by:Kimeery     2021-08-30
Six solutions to problems with the LCD screen: First, check whether the connection between the display and the graphics card is loose. Poor contact can cause 'clutter' and 'nozzle' shaped screens to be the most common phenomenon. The second measure: Check whether the graphics card is overclocked. If the graphics card is overclocked excessively, irregular and intermittent horizontal stripes will generally appear. At this time, the overclocking range should be appropriately reduced. Note that the first thing to do is to reduce the video memory frequency. The third measure: Check the quality of the graphics card. If there is a problem of blurry screen after replacing the graphics card, and after using the first and second tricks to fail, you should check whether the graphics card’s anti-electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic shielding quality pass the test. The specific method is: install some parts that may cause electromagnetic interference as far away as possible from the graphics card (such as a hard disk), and then see if the screen disappears. If it is determined that the electromagnetic shielding function of the graphics card is not good enough, you should replace the graphics card or make your own shield. Fourth trick: Check whether the resolution or refresh rate of the monitor is set too high. The resolution of LCD monitors is generally lower than that of CRT monitors. If the resolution exceeds the best resolution recommended by the manufacturer, the screen may become blurred. Fifth trick: Check whether an incompatible graphics card driver is installed. This situation is generally easy to be ignored, because the graphics card driver update speed is getting faster and faster, and some users always can't wait to install the latest version of the driver. Sixth trick: If the problem is still not solved after using the above five tricks, it may be the quality of the display. At this time, please change another monitor to test. Display manufacturers generally have after-sales service hotlines, and many of them are free, so everyone can use them reasonably. In fact, some of the latest drivers are either test versions or versions optimized for a specific graphics card or game. Using this type of driver may sometimes cause screens to appear. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone try to use the driver certified by Microsoft, preferably the driver provided by the graphics card manufacturer. The above is the related sharing of the six solutions to the problem of LCD screen. These methods are very simple to operate in our daily life. If you want to know more methods, please pay attention to Kimeery.
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