The strongest LCD screen mobile phone official announced to give up: LCD era is over

by:Kimeery     2021-05-28

Among the Snapdragon 855 flagship machines that will be released on MWC, LG’s new product is called G8 ThinQ.

Yesterday, LG confirmed that the machine will be equipped with a front ToF 3D lens and technology from Infineon. Today, the company said that G8 will also use LCD for Samsung screen sound technology, called Crystal Sound LCD for Samsung (CSO). This also shows that the LG G series, which has been building top LCD screens, will officially migrate to LCD for Samsung panels.

Regarding the effect, LG said that it can cooperate with the bottom speaker to achieve stereo, in addition to supporting DTS: X 3D 7.1 surround, Boombox bass enhancement, in addition, due to the reserved headphone jack, HiFi quad-core DAC continues.

Of course, for consumers who have higher requirements for call quality and privacy, the specific performance of G8 ThinQ CSO remains to be seen.

According to the leaked renderings, the appearance of the G8 ThinQ is basically the same as the previous generation, with elements such as small bangs, rear fingerprints, and parallel dual cameras.

It is worth mentioning that LG also confirmed that this MWC event will also bring a 4000mAh battery 5G mobile phone, it is said that it will be V50 ThinQ.

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