The working principle of LCD display

by:Kimeery     2021-08-29
Because liquid crystal displays (LCD) have many advantages that other displays cannot match, such as low power consumption, small size, light weight, and ultra-thin, they have been widely used in various intelligent instruments and low-power electronic products. Dot matrix (or graphic) LCD can not only display characters, numbers, but also display various graphics, curves and Hanyu, and can realize the functions of scrolling, animation, flashing, and text feature display on the screen. It is very useful. widely. In the field of flat panel display devices, liquid LCDs, electroluminescent displays (EL), plasmas (PDP), light emitting diodes (LED), low-voltage fluorescent display devices (VFD), etc. are currently widely used. 1LCD display>Characteristics of LCD display device as a new type of passive display device. Compared with the traditional active display device, it has the following characteristics. (I) Low-voltage micro-power consumption. devices usually have a working voltage of only 3 to 5V, and a working current of only a few microamperes per square centimeter, which makes it possible to cooperate with large-scale integrated circuits. The voltage of a general electronic type picture tube is 1-20kV, and the current is 10-100A. (2) Flat structure. The LCD screenstructure is a sandwich box structure composed of two pieces of glass. It has two main advantages. One is that it is very convenient to use. It is suitable for large, small or miniature. It can accommodate the largest in a limited area. The amount of information. The second is that it is suitable for mass production in terms of technology, and the liquid crystal production line adopts the integrated production process. (3) It does not emit light by itself. The passive display type liquid crystal itself does not emit light and relies on the modulation of external light to display, while other active display devices mainly rely on the active light emission of the display device to stimulate the human eye to achieve display, while the liquid crystal relies on different reflections of light. Contrast presented to achieve the purpose of display. (4) Not afraid of light erosion. The so-called light washout means that when the ambient light is brighter, the displayed information is diluted; while the passive display does not emit light, so the stronger the external light brightness, the clearer the content of the modulated light information display. (5) The amount of information displayed is large. Compared with the general CRT display, LCD display has no shadow mask limitation, and the pixels can be made small, so that more high-definition images can be displayed in a certain display area. (6) Easy to colorize. Compared with other display technologies, the colorization of liquid crystal is easier to achieve, and there are many methods, which are not easy to produce color distortion. (7) It is not easy to produce electromagnetic radiation during display. In this way, environmental pollution can be reduced and information leakage can be avoided. 2. Classification of LCD displays Due to the electro-optical effects of the anisotropy of liquid crystals, especially twisted nematic and super twisted effects, different types of display devices can be made (Liquid Crystal Display, referred to as LCD). Common ones are TN (Twist Nematic) twisted nematic liquid crystal and STN (Super TN) liquid crystal.
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