The working principle of LCD screen

by:Kimeery     2021-08-29
The LCD screen is actually our LCD screen. Most of the TVs in our home are LCD screens. So how much do you know about its working principle? If you want to know the details, please contact Xingyuhe Electronics. Let me take a look down. The working principle of the LCD screen is widely disclosed, and the fast-speed onlookers are usually made of two large glass substrates with color filters, alignment films, etc. in the TN-LCD liquid crystal display panel with a thickness of less than 1 cm. The splint is wrapped with two polarizing plates, which can determine the maximum luminous flux and the color production. The color filter is a filter composed of three colors of red, green and blue, which are regularly fabricated on a large glass substrate. Each pixel is composed of three color units (or called sub-pixels). If a panel has a resolution of 1280×1024, it actually has 3840×1024 transistors and sub-pixels. The upper left corner (gray rectangle) of each sub-pixel is an opaque thin film transistor, and the color filter can generate the three primary colors of RGB. Each interlayer contains electrodes and grooves formed on the alignment film, and the upper and lower interlayers are filled with multiple layers of liquid crystal molecules (the liquid crystal space is less than 5×10-6m). In the same layer, although the position of the liquid crystal molecules is irregular, the long axis orientation is parallel to the polarizer. On the other hand, between different layers, the long axis of the liquid crystal molecules is continuously twisted 90 degrees along the plane parallel to the polarizer. Among them, the orientation of the long axis of the two layers of liquid crystal molecules adjacent to the polarizing plate is consistent with the polarization direction of the adjacent polarizing plate. The liquid crystal molecules near the upper interlayer are arranged in the direction of the upper groove, and the liquid crystal molecules in the lower interlayer are arranged in the direction of the lower groove. Finally, it is packaged into a liquid crystal box and connected with the driver IC, the control IC and the printed circuit board. Under normal circumstances, when light is irradiated from top to bottom, usually only one angle of light can penetrate, through the upper polarizing plate into the groove of the upper interlayer, and then passing through the lower polarizing plate through the passage of the twisted arrangement of liquid crystal molecules. Form a complete path of light penetration. The interlayer of the LCD screenis attached with two polarizing plates, and the arrangement and light transmission angle of the two polarizing plates are the same as the groove arrangement of the upper and lower interlayers. When a certain voltage is applied to the liquid crystal layer, due to the influence of the external voltage, the liquid crystal will change its initial state, and will no longer be arranged in a normal way, but will become an upright state. Therefore, the light passing through the liquid crystal will be absorbed by the second layer of polarizing plate, and the entire structure will appear opaque, resulting in a black color on the display screen. When no voltage is applied to the liquid crystal layer, the liquid crystal is in its initial state and will twist the direction of incident light by 90 degrees, so that the incident light from the backlight can pass through the entire structure, resulting in white on the display. In order to achieve the color you want for each individual pixel on the panel, multiple cold cathode lamps must be used as the backlight of the display. The above is the related sharing about the working principle of the LCD screen. Through the above sharing, I believe that the friends have a certain understanding of the working principle of the LCD screen. If you have any questions or want to know more, please pay attention to Xing Yuhe Electronics.
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