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The working principle of the point characteristic model

by:Kimeery     2021-09-01
How do electrical characteristics work? When a mobile LCDscreen molecule can rotate freely, it has a major axis and two minor axes. The rotation of the molecule allows its two secondary axes to be equal to each other, and this is what this graph is trying to show you: the vertical permittivity is the average of the two perpendicular permittivities. It can be polarized, and it is usually polarized, one of these two directions is slightly better than the other. But because of its free rotation and its averaging, it actually has two dielectric constants, which is the characteristic of liquid crystal molecules. The order constant is ε, or εparallel parallel to the long axis, or εperpendicular perpendicular to the long axis. So what should we do now? First, we recognize that this molecule undergoes rotation in an electric field because its polarization in the long axis direction is better than in other directions. Let's see how rotation is produced. In this case, when the molecule is slightly transverse to the electric field, one end of the molecule will be positively charged due to molecular polarization, and due to the Coulomb force (qE), it will be attracted to the negative direction of the electric field. Conversely, the negative end of the molecule will be attracted to the positive end of the electric field. This will cause the molecules to rotate. In fact, because there are two dielectric constants and two polarization axes, there will be a rotational competition. Therefore, there will be a rotation that makes the long axis parallel to the direction of the electric field and a rotation that makes the short axis parallel to the direction of the electric field. Since the polarization effect in the long axis direction is better, the rotation in this direction will win.
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