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The world's first! Fushi Technology launched the fingerprint solution under the LCD screen

by:Kimeery     2021-05-29

At present, the mainstream under-screen fingerprint solution in the industry is an optical under-screen fingerprint matching the LCD for Samsung panel. The principle is to combine the visible light camera with the display panel through a specific manufacturing process, and use the light transmittance of the LCD for Samsung panel to use fingerprints. Obtained by 'photographing'.

Due to the existence of the backlight, the LCD panel is naturally unable to transmit light, so the current mobile phones that use screen fingerprint recognition all use OLED panels. The good news is that with the continuous efforts of manufacturers, the fingerprint solution under the LCD screen has ushered in a major breakthrough.

On April 26th, Fushi Technology announced that it has successfully developed an under-screen fingerprint solution for LCD panels. It is reported that the Ru0026D team of Fushi Technology has continuously modified and tried the LCD backlight panel, and has continuously adjusted and improved the fingerprint light path scheme. It successfully solved the problems of display effect and fingerprint imaging effect, and took the lead in showing the first one that can be clearly seen. Fingerprint image LCD panel + under-screen fingerprint solution.

More importantly, Fushi Technology adopts an algorithm-assisted approach. By adopting the latest deep learning neural network algorithm optimization, it has realized the rapid recognition of fingerprints under the LCD screen, and its fingerprint recognition rate is comparable to the traditional Capacitive fingerprints, and the algorithm is still evolving.

Compared with the fingerprint solution under the OLED screen, the advantage of the fingerprint under the LCD screen is lower cost. At present, both the production capacity and sales volume of LCD panels far exceed those of OLED panels. Therefore, in the future, mid-to-low-end mobile phones may use this solution to achieve wide coverage of under-screen fingerprints.

However, it will take time for this solution to be applied to smart terminals. Xiaomi’s product director Wang Teng said that it’s unlikely that there will be a product launch this year, and the fastest at the end of the year or next year. LCD screen), limited by the cost of 2,000 yuan, products will use the LCD screen fingerprint solution.

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