The world's first multi-point fingerprint solution in LCD screens is released, Tianma continues to lead the industry

by:Kimeery     2021-06-02

Tianma officially released the world's first LCD screen multi-point fingerprint solution (TED Finger Print, TFP for short), with independent intellectual property rights, high integration, full-screen multi-point fingerprint recognition, and high screen-to-body ratio.

The solution is to embed the fingerprint image collector on the TFT display substrate, for the first time to realize the integration of the three functions of touch, display, and fingerprint recognition; at the same time, the light path and sensor cover the entire display screen with Based on the glass substrate sensor, the sensor size is not limited, and can realize 'full-screen multi-point' fingerprint recognition on the full screen.

The multi-point fingerprint solution in the TFP screen has three core advantages:

High integration. This technology realizes the three-in-one touch, display, and fingerprint recognition for the first time, and breaks through the limitation that optical fingerprint recognition cannot match the thickness of the normal cover, making it more market-competitive and mass-productive; at the same time, because the optical path modulation unit is integrated in the display Inside the screen, the thickness of the display screen is reduced by more than 50% compared to the external collimated light path design scheme, making the terminal product design lighter and thinner.

2. Full-screen fingerprint multi-point recognition. It supports multi-point fingerprint recognition in any display area of u200bu200bthe full screen, which can be applied to blind unlocking of the full screen, APP encryption unlocking, and custom fingerprint control to protect higher security and privacy.

3. High screen-to-body ratio. The fingerprint recognition function is built into the display screen, which effectively increases the screen-to-body ratio of the terminal product, and can bring users a more extreme visual experience.

What is the difference between the words 'in-screen' and 'under-screen'?

Under-screen fingerprint recognition technology refers to a technology that completes the fingerprint recognition and unlocking process through the bottom of the screen glass, including capacitive, optical, and ultrasonic types. However, due to technical and cost reasons, most products currently equipped with such technologies can only achieve single-point fingerprint recognition in a fixed area.

Under-screen fingerprint (fixed single point), on-screen fingerprint (full-screen single point), on-screen fingerprint (full-screen multi-point TED embedded) technology comparison chart

Tianma’s multi-point fingerprint solution in the TFP screen released this time adopts the optical fingerprint recognition mode, which integrates the fingerprint image collector into the display screen, which can realize 'full-screen multi-point' fingerprint recognition on the full screen. The fingerprint product has a larger screen recognition area. Compared with other manufacturers, Tianma has achieved the 'one step' in-screen fingerprint recognition function, skipping the full-screen single-point phase of the in-screen fingerprint, directly realizing the full-screen multi-point function of the in-screen fingerprint, and continuing to lead the industry's technological development.

This technology will greatly enhance the diversified space of intelligent terminal human-computer interaction experience, such as deep encryption for APP, security of wealth, and enhancement of vehicle driving experience; and it can be used for smart factories, smart cities, and smart Information security for home, smart transportation, and smart medical care provides a higher level of protection. Continued leadership stems from mission and responsibility. Today, Tianma has released the world's first multi-point fingerprint solution in the TFP screen, which will bring users a comprehensive upgrade of the user experience. At present, Tianma's technology has the conditions for mass production, is sending samples to well-known brand terminals around the world, and will cooperate with customers to realize the world's premiere of this technology terminal model in due course, and work together to create a new ecology of mobile smart applications.

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