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Those things about OLED mainstream production technology_ LCD display manufacturers

by:Kimeery     2023-03-23
Things about the mainstream production technology of OLED _ LCD screen manufacturers First of all, we must understand the evaporation technology, which starts with the structure of OLED. As shown in the figure below, the typical structure is to make a layer of luminescent material with a thickness of tens of nanometers on the ITO glass. The ITO transparent electrode and the metal electrode are respectively used as the anode and cathode electrodes of the device to apply voltage. Driven by a certain voltage, electrons and holes The electrons and holes are respectively injected into the electron and hole transport layers from the cathode and the anode, respectively, and the electrons and holes migrate to the light-emitting layer through the electron and hole transport layers, and meet and recombine in the light-emitting layer, forming excitons and exciting the light-emitting molecules, the latter Visible light is emitted through radiative relaxation. Radiation light can be observed from the ITO side, and the metal electrode film also acts as a reflective layer. Of course, when it comes to the entire panel, the structure is much more complicated, including the need for isolation columns and insulating layers between sub-pixels. AMOLED also has a TFT backplane that controls the switching of each pixel. To put it simply, evaporation is the method of current heating, electron beam bombardment heating and laser heating in vacuum, so that the evaporated material is evaporated into atoms or molecules, and then they move in a straight line with a large free path, collide with the surface of the substrate and Coagulates to form a thin film. The core equipment for manufacturing OLED panels by evaporation technology is the evaporation machine, and this equipment is upstream of the panel manufacturing enterprises, and the main supplier is a company named Canon Tokki under Canon. Invested in the development of production capacity, but it is still difficult to meet the needs of customers. It is said that Tokki’s annual production capacity of evaporation machines is only a few units, and large customers such as LG Display have no choice but to lose orders from Apple because of the limited number of evaporation machines. In addition to being steamed, each pixel 'bulb' of the printing technology OLED screen can also be 'printed'. Take an inkjet printer as an example. Inkjet printers spray ink onto paper to present documents or pictures. The printing display is to use the printing method to make the organic material film layer of the display, which is a process method. After the printed display is realized, different panels can be printed. If the 'spray' is LCD for Samsung material, it is an OLED panel; if the 'spray' is quantum dot material, it is a quantum dot display panel. Printing OLED, simply put, is to accurately deposit polymer luminescent material solutions of different colors in the isolation column groove of the ITO glass substrate through multiple printing nozzles on the inkjet printing equipment. After the solvent evaporates, it will form a thickness of about 100 nanometers. A thin layer of light-emitting pixels is formed. Why is it said that printing display technology is the next generation of display revolution? The vacuum evaporation process is limited by equipment and technology, and it is difficult to produce large-scale fine metal masks, which makes this process unable to be applied to the manufacture of large-scale panels. During the evaporation process, the organic material gas is indiscriminately deposited on the glass substrate, resulting in low material utilization. Perhaps because there is no need for vacuum evaporation chambers, no need for precision metal masks, no need for color filters, etc., at the CES exhibition in 2013, Panasonic demonstrated a self-developed 'printing' process, and according to They themselves said that it was the largest 4K OLED TV (56 inches) in the world at that time.

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