TN and STN production process 1. General TN and STN product structure diagram

by:Kimeery     2021-08-25
The main difference in structure between TN and STN is the twist angle of liquid crystal molecules. The twist angle of TN is 90°, and the twist angle of STN is 90°~270°. Depending on the twist angle and the angle of the polarizer, the STN can have a yellow-green mode, a blue mode, a gray mode, and so on. TN has positive and negative characteristics. STN has a higher number of driving capacity and excellent electro-optical performance than TN. FSTN adds a compensation film on the basis of STN, which can compensate for the interference color of STN and realize true black and white display. Different compensation film angles can have positive (black text on a white background) and negative (white text on a black background) display. Holographic FSTN adds a layer of holographic film on the basis of FSTN to make the display effect more pleasing and beautiful, and has higher electro-optics parameter. Main process introduction: photolithography: forming electrodes with required shapes on the surface of ITO. The main process of the photolithography process: orientation layer coating: uniformly coat a layer of orientation layer on the glass surface. Orientation layer rubbing: Use flannel to rub grooves on the surface of the orientation layer so that the liquid crystal molecules are arranged in the required direction. Silk screen into a box: The upper and lower glass pieces are glued together with silk screen glue to form an empty box. Cutting cracks: cutting large pieces of glass into small liquid crystal cells for easy filling of liquid crystals. Liquid crystal test: According to the driving conditions and background colors required by the customer, modulate the liquid crystal to determine the liquid crystal that meets the requirements. Filling and sealing: Fill the adjusted liquid crystal into the empty box, and then seal the box with sealing glue. Cleaning: Clean the remaining liquid crystal on the LCD screen. Light table, electrical measurement: The light table inspects the LCD screen for defects such as appearance, pollution, and uneven thickness of the box. Electrical test to check whether the LCD power-on display is normal. Polarizer: According to different LCD, paste the polarizer that meets the requirements. Inspection and reliability experiment: Perform final inspection to ensure that the appearance and electrical performance of the LCD meet customer requirements. Reliability experiments include high temperature and high humidity experiment, high temperature experiment, low temperature experiment, high and low temperature impact experiment, high temperature and high humidity.
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