To control costs, LG G7 will replace OLED screens with LCD screens

by:Kimeery     2021-06-03

According to foreign media reports, South Korean market analysts predict that LG’s next-generation flagship G7 will use LCD screens, mainly for cost reasons. It is said that the price of LCD for Samsung screens is twice to three times that of corresponding LCD screens.

Although mainstream manufacturers have begun to adopt LCD for Samsung screens on a large scale, it will not surprise us that LG G7 still insists on using LCD screens, because the previous G series flagships have always used LCD screens. However, because LG V30 uses OLED screen, some users expect LG G7 can also use OLED screen.

It is worth mentioning that the LCD screen that LG G7 will use is actually a self-developed MLCD+ display. It is said to be more power-saving than traditional LCD screens, reducing power consumption by 35%, and the brightness is also higher.

Previously, it was rumored that LG G7 will adopt a profiled full screen with bangs, a rear vertical dual camera and fingerprint recognition. The overall shape has changed significantly from the previous generation. The machine is expected to be released in April or May, and the price may reach 6,000 yuan.

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