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TV buying momentum rebounds, LCD panel prices hit a new high this year

by:Kimeery     2021-05-31

The recent rebound in global economic activity and the signs of recovery in the TV market have driven the price of large liquid crystal displays (LCD) panels to a new high this year.

The Korean media 'BusinessKorea' reported that according to market research company Omdia’s announcement on August 11, in July this year, the price of 32-inch to 65-inch LCD panels reached a new high this year (excluding 43 inches), of which 32 In-inch panels saw the largest increase, with an average selling price (ASP) of US$39, an increase of 11% from June.

The ASP for 43-inch panels rose 8% to US$77 per month; the ASP for 50-inch panels rose 7% to US$96; the ASPs for 55-inch and 65-inch panels were US$118 and US$177, respectively, compared with June Up 7%, 5%.

Industry experts said that the rebound in TV demand has led to a strong increase in LCD panel prices. The reasons include the large-scale stimulus measures taken by governments in various countries to try to get rid of the economic recession caused by the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic.

For example, the US government issued a bailout check of US$1,200 per person to the public, triggering retaliatory consumption in the market. In addition, TV brand owners launched various promotional activities in the first half of the year to resist the reduction in terminal demand. The epidemic has caused people to spend more time at home and also promoted a rapid increase in TV sales.

Market research company TrendForce predicted in July that in 2020, global TV shipments will reach 214.11 million units, which is an upward revision from the 205.2 million units predicted in March. The reason is that they are optimistic about TV in the second half of 2020. The market recovers.

Yonhap News Agency reported on June 19 that according to Omdia’s survey report, global TV shipments were 38.61 million units in the second quarter of this year, a decrease of 17% from the previous quarter and a decrease of 19 compared with the same period last year. %the above. Omdia analyzed that with the epidemic sweeping the world, the closure of factories and the closure of stores in major markets such as the United States and Europe are the main reasons affecting global TV sales.

Omdia estimates that global TV shipments in the second half of the year are estimated to reach 124.1 million units, an increase of 47% from 82.09 million units in the first half of the year.

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