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TV industry revolution: OLED replaces LCD to become the new screen overlord

by:Kimeery     2021-05-27

As Internet brands enter the TV industry, the market competition has become more fierce, and the price war quagmire has become increasingly anxious under the dazzling array of choices. According to data from Aowei Cloud Network, in the first quarter of 2019, the retail volume of the TV market was 12.02 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 1.1%, and the retail sales volume was 34.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 13.1%. As the development of liquid crystal technology becomes less and less, the performance differences of products of various brands are gradually shrinking, and the volume of the products is falling. The color TV industry continues to be sluggish, and it is imminent to break the situation.

Throughout the history of the TV industry, LCD has been the leader in the past 20 years. However, no matter how LCD is introduced, it cannot save the industry's decline. The various derivatives under LCD technology are presented to consumers in various new terms, but they are still LCD in essence. They are confined in the LCD era and do not introduce new ones. Instead, they cause certain confusion and interference to consumers. Without a solution, market confidence is unsustainable.

So, where is the future of the industry?

LCD will eventually be eliminated, OLED TV sales have bucked the market, and new technology has become a breakthrough in the industry.

AVCRevo (AVCRevo) 'Global TV Brand Shipment Monthly Data Report' shows that in 2018, global OLED TV shipments were 2.4 million units, a year-on-year increase of 69.4%, and the global OLED TV penetration rate was 1 .1%. LCD for Samsung technology is a brand-new display technology. It is different from traditional LCD screens that require rear backlights. OLEDs can achieve self-luminescence. This structural difference makes OLEDs slimmer than LCD screens. In addition, in the display process, compared with the complex color rendering control of LCD, OLED can be self-luminous and can be controlled freely on demand. The response speed of the panel is faster and the viewing angle is wider. Due to this feature, the OLED panel The contrast can be infinite, and there is no light leakage problem.

As a brand-new technology, the explosion of OLED TVs brings the possibility of opening up a new track for the color TV industry. In the past, OLED was defined as a high-end product that is different from liquid crystal. This definition refers to OLED and traditional LCD technology together. But now, people feel that OLED and LCD are not on the same track, and the competition between the two is completely different. LCD development has been struggling to innovate for a long time, and the prospects are worrying, while OLED is like a new birth day, unlimited.

Skyworth is making every effort to popularize OLED, and technological dividends open up a new blue ocean in the market

It is understood that as a leader in the domestic TV market OLED, Skyworth was the first to produce and promote LCD for Samsung TVs, and invested in self-developed research chips, with a view to The application of OLED technology in the TV industry has been optimized. After several years of concentrated research and development, Skyworth now has mature manufacturing experience, and at the same time hopes to popularize this kind of display technology that represents the future, so that more consumers can enjoy the technological dividend, and the stagnant industry market will open up a new Sky.

OLED technology, which represents the future development direction of the industry, has been widely used in the use of small screens. However, it has been difficult to truly popularize large-screen color TVs due to the high price. Skyworth re-examined its product positioning from the perspective of a new track, and its marketing strategy is bound to change. According to the news released by Skyworth at the press conference on July 9th, in order to popularize OLED, Skyworth will initiate collaborative innovation in technology and marketing. This is also the experience that Skyworth has summed up on the new track-OLED technology is advancing. Technology alone is not enough, and marketing alone is not enough. Technology dividends must be released through marketing reforms to promote mass production with marketing and mass production. Popularization, forming a benign closed loop.

Not only OLED, Skyworth's smart home solutions lead the market change

Independent research and development of chips, leading the OLED revolution is not Skyworth’s first industry-leading experience. The founding of Startup has always been independent Based on the principle of core technology first, China's creation is greater than China's manufacturing, and we insist on being the spokesperson of new technologies in the industry. The industry has successively launched technological revolutions such as flat storms, progressive storms, high-definition storms, tablet storms, LED storms, cool open storms, 4K storms, and many Skyworth technologies have become standard in the market after the launch, such as progressive scanning. technology.

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