Types of LCD liquid crystal displays

by:Kimeery     2021-08-29
According to the scope of application, it can be divided into two categories: one is laptop LCD monitors, and the other desktop computer LCD monitors; laptop LCD monitors are currently relatively common LCD products in my country, which are connected with other computer components. Therefore, lightness and compactness is not only its advantage, but also brings a lot of convenience to users. Desktop computer LCD monitors are currently relatively rare in China. It is an alternative to CRT traditional monitors. According to the physical structure, it can be roughly divided into four categories. 1. Twisted Nematic (TN-Twisted Nematic); 2. Super Twisted Nematic (STN-SuperTN); 3. Double-layer Super Twisted Nematic (DSTN-Dual Scan Tortuosity Nomograph); 4. Thin Film Transistor Type ( TFT-Thin Film Transistor). The first three types have only slight differences in names, so their display principles also have many commonalities. The difference is that the twist angles of the liquid crystal molecules are different. Among them, DSTN should be the best among these three types. This kind of LCD screencomposed of liquid crystals has many shortcomings, the contrast and brightness are still relatively poor, the viewing angle is small, and the color is not rich, but because of its simple structure and low price, it still occupies a certain market. The fourth type of TFT is now the most commonly used type. TFT means that each liquid crystal pixel on the liquid crystal display is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind it. TFT LCD screenhas the characteristics of fast screen response, good contrast, high brightness, large viewing angle, and rich colors. It overcomes some inherent weaknesses of DSTN liquid crystal display and has advantages over the other three types. It can indeed be regarded as the mainstream device of the current liquid crystal display.
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