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US$11 billion investment! Samsung Display plans to upgrade LCD production line

by:Kimeery     2021-06-07

According to Reuters, Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, plans to spend 13 trillion won (US$11 billion) to upgrade a liquid crystal display (LCD) in South Korea in order to produce more advanced displays. )production line.

Korea’s Yonhap News Agency quoted industry insiders as saying that Samsung Display will announce this investment plan next month.

It is understood that Samsung Display has two LCD production lines in South Korea and one in China. It was reported in August that due to oversupply, the company is considering suspending one LCD production line in South Korea, and another source pointed out that its other production line in South Korea will also be reduced in production.

Nowadays, the demand for LCD monitors for smart phones and TVs is gradually slowing down; on the other hand, for Korean panel makers, Chinese competitors such as BOE are catching up strongly. In addition, the main source of customers is turning to organic light-emitting diode (LCD for Samsung) panels, all of which are problems faced by Korean panel manufacturers. In this regard, Han Factory is also squeezing his head to think about his own way out.

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