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vertical integration to enhance the competitiveness of lcd-generation line

by:Kimeery     2020-04-24
Huazhong University: CLP panda\'s 6-line LCD panel production is a major event in Nanjing and a major event in China\'s tablet industry, marking the beginning of the LCD TV screen to break the monopoly of multinational companies.
The Chinese panda cut into the 6-generation panel production line, with a higher starting point, and only 17 months from start-up to production, the project construction period has created a record.
Short time and high requirements, what are the technical preparations for CLP panda reserves?
Is there any difficulty in the 6-line online process?
Lai Weide: China is a big country in TV production and consumption, but the basic \"lifeline\" of LCD TV screen imports is in the hands of several large foreign enterprises. As a state-
We have the responsibility to catch up and shoulder the important task of improving the TV industry chain.
CLP panda directly cut into the panel from the 6-generation production line to gain time, and the tablet industry quickly seized the commanding heights.
Technically, the introduction of the electric Panda 6-line sharp technology has a high starting point and is relatively mature, which is conducive to the rapid entry into the TV panel manufacturing and increases the \"high
By absorbing innovation, we can reduce development cycle and cost.
Frankly speaking, Building 6 represents the line. We have difficulties in technical reserves, R & D and personnel. However, we have sharp technical support and are proactive in combination with us, hired some professionals with 6 generation line construction, development and operation experience, set up a professional team to ensure the construction of a 6-
Production line, successfully complete the scheduled production.
Huazhong University: We know that last year\'s production line on behalf of BoE in Hefei on the 6 th, what are the features of CLP panda line 6 compared?
In addition, now the mainland has set off a new round
On behalf of the 6 th to 7 th, the construction, operation and construction of the high tide line of power generation have been proposed-
Many people think this will lead to overcapacity?
Lai Weide: the 6 th line has its own features compared with Beijing East.
The Bank of England will start low
The production line has accumulated a lot of experience.
According to international practice, we have introduced cuts 6-wire LCD panel manufacturing technology directly, paid the patent fee and obtained the patent, which has accelerated the construction of high-tech technology.
The generation panel line will play an important role.
We are expected to rely heavily on imported goods at present.
The passive situation of the size panel will soon be broken.
China Electronics (CEC)
Line 6 is an important strategic measure to realize industrial upgrading. From CRT to TFT, the display industry has entered a new era.
Regarding the statement of overcapacity, I think it is too early to see the relationship between supply and demand from now on.
In the past few years, China was the largest producer of color TV sets, CRT and TFT, producing more than 100 million TV sets every year. With the acceleration of China\'s urbanization process and the improvement of rural consumption level, the market continued to grow.
2012. About 0. 4 billion CRT televisions are in stock.
At present, the production of about 38 million LCD TVs is not enough in terms of quantity.
In addition, our business has just started to produce LCD TV panels, and the country\'s foreign exchange imports on LCD TV panels are up to $400 billion. S.
Dollar, not to mention any excess.
Of course, there will be a competitive situation. The panel or profit in the high-interest era will not appear, and the market will be relatively stable.
Huazhong University: the construction period of CLP panda Line 6 is short and the technology is unique, which will effectively change the big-
The size of the LCD panel mainly depends on the import, the leading industry transformation and upgrading of Nanjing electronic power engine.
Please describe the advantages and features of the CLP panda 6 line.
Lai Weide: To sum up, there are five advantages of CLP panda line 6: First, the introduction of advanced technology and patents are guaranteed.
Sharp is the world leader and leader in LCD technology. At present, the company has a capacity of 7308 people in panel design, equipment manufacturing, raw materials, manufacturing and project management, accounting for 45.
Accounting for 5% of the total, the industry ranked first.
Sharp is the only production line in the world representing TFT-10
LCD business, TFT technology has been in the leading position in the world.
CLP panda line 6 line 10 represents the introduction of the latest technology adopted by sharp UV 2A line, and the product is in the leading position in key performance indicators.
According to the agreement, sharp, the project can use all the technical licenses and the products can enter the international market after the intellectual property rights are effectively protected.
Second, the construction cycle is short and the investment is economical.
The project was put into production from start-up to 17 months later, and the average construction period was reduced by 3 months compared with similar production lines at home and abroad.
The project introduces sharp Kameyama 6-line equipment 40 billion and 4.
5 billion purchase of new equipment, saving more than 15% from line 6.
The third is to achieve vertical integration of the industrial chain, with a strong cost advantage.
The project is based on enterprises such as China electronic TPV and Panda Electronics, from panel, drive IC, module, whole vertical integration, development of complete production system, with strong cost advantage.
Fourth, the experienced R & D team of operators can absorb and innovate.
The company has 98 invention patents and 25 utility model patents, and the technology used in 6-wire equipment for UV 2A for the first time;
Relying on the technical strength of China\'s electronic and substrate transmission system, special equipment is used on the ink cartridges, which are now open to power supporting orders such as BOE and Huaxing. Fifth CEC-
Led panel construction, build a professional construction team.
The construction of higher generation lines in Huazhong University: 6 lines are running, and the construction of Panda Power generation lines will be started later.
According to industry rumors, CLP panda will skip the direct launch of the 8 th generation 10 th generation line, but the 10 th generation sharp line is the only one operating in the world. They agreed to the second in the world.
A generation of Chinese mainland, how is the current negotiation going?
Lai Weide: it is actually a good plan to build a high generation. The 6 generation line is put into production and more power generation lines are started in time.
You still remember the launch of the LCD Valley of the lines of the 13 th, 6 TH, we said that the production will start the construction of the 8 th generation line of the 6 th line, when the 8 th generation line is said.
Later, in order to control production, the state built a high
The measures taken by the Bank are all measures taken by the eight banks approved last year.
But two were approved last year.
The generation line has not been launched in the past year, which has a great impact on our LCD display industry.
So we have to roll out the newer generation line as soon as possible.
Of course, the scale is better from the 10 generation line, but the investment will be relatively large.
Technically, 10-
One generation line and below the 8 generation line, CLP panda is acceptable.
We are actively negotiating with the company, reporting to the national authorities, and it is estimated that the plan will be reported to the national authorities soon, and this year\'s construction approval will be launched later.
Huazhong University: at the ceremony of the 6-generation line operation, Liu Lihong, general manager of China electronics company, said in his speech that China\'s electronics industry achieved revenue of 100 billion yuan during the 12 th Five-Year Plan period, what position does CLP panda occupy?
Lai Weide: The 2015 China electronics group has put forward the scale of the hundreds of billions of flat panel display industry, which will achieve a relatively ambitious goal.
This billion dollar means that the entire industry chain is of course the core sector, including upstream materials, including downstream terminals.
The power panda of the LCD panel will be about 400 billion in 2015, including 6-
And update the lines of the generation.
From the terminal side, 6-
70 billion yuan income TPV is no problem, adding up to hundreds of billions.
In fact, since the start of the project, Nanjing Crystal Valley has been introducing LCD modules, bulk gas, LED chips, electronic logistics and other projects.
At present, Google is negotiating to introduce LCD glass substrates, color filters, polarizers, machine manufacturing and technology research and development that support the project.
In the near future, Google will also build more LCD panels, OLED, laser display, solar cells and other projects to form industrial support, independent innovation ability and international competition ability of complete industrial chain.
To the \"Twelfth Five-Year Plan\" in Nanjing, China, Crystal Valley will have a total investment of 800 billion yuan and an industrial scale of 3,000 yuan-
First-class industrial base.
Huazhong University: High School-
Construction of production line, the industrial chain is crucial.
What are the plans for the construction of the upstream and downstream industrial chain?
How does group synergy play?
Lai Weide: I also mentioned just now that after the CLP panda 6 line is put into production, the supporting LCD manufacturers will play a agglomeration effect and economies of scale in the Valley of Nanjing.
In fact, vertical integration is a significant feature of panda No. 6 power generation line. In the next step, we will strengthen the coordination and cooperation of the market chain, relying on various domestic electronic products, with complete supporting functions, increased efforts to integrate the industry.
In the industrial chain, there will be two \"exports\" on the downstream side of the existing division of labor within China\'s electronics industry: one is Panda TV, from CRT to flat panel TV, last year, we made more than 0. 15 billion LCD terminals, and Panda TV built nearly 10,000 marketing points throughout the country;
The other is TPV, just before you come, I am negotiating with the general manager of AOC, ready to invest $90,000,000 to set up panda TPV Technology Co. , Ltd. to do LCD TV modules and machines, TPV produces 7 million LCD TVs and monitors every year, with a large downstream market for panels.
We only provide bare screen and LCM.
Vertical integration was implemented to improve upstream facilities, with panel costs falling by at least 3 to 5 percentage points.
Therefore, in terms of internal facilities, industrial chain cooperation, etc. , a major feature of the panda panel industry in CLP.
In addition to internal and external cooperation
The cooperation with the group is in full swing, such as Corning\'s layout for the LCD glass substrate Valley project, and once it starts on behalf of our line 8 or line 10, their project will fall to the ground.
China\'s electronic products will be put into operation as an opportunity for the 6-line project, focusing on the panels and modules of the upstream, middle and downstream industrial chains of glass, drive IC, materials, vertical industrial chain integration such as display terminal buttons and LCD buttons.
[Understanding] the key to the reorganization of the university in the business book: We know that the reorganization of the electric Panda is a successful case.
The biggest difficulty in talking about your experience and understanding of big restructuring is, how to overcome it?
Now that you are the deputy general manager of China Electronics in charge of restructuring, will the restructuring experience the \"copy\" given by CLP panda to the group \"?
Can you talk about the group\'s next merger and reorganization plan and ideas?
Lai Weide: let alone the story of success.
Mergers and acquisitions are needed for enterprise development.
The need for enterprise development, what you have to do, you have to reorganize other enterprises, then you have the ability;
On the other hand, you are someone else.
Prove your value
Through the acquisition of E-panda in the difficult course of four years, the main signs of achieving the expected goal are: first, eliminate debt risk.
History of the old state-
State-owned enterprises continue to have debts, reduce 20 billion yuan, return to normal production and operation, and achieve steady and rapid growth.
Second, clean up more than 50 million writes-
Divestiture of non-performing assets, so that enterprises can reduce the burden and get rid of the burden.
Third, and the staff re-
More than 20,000 employees have maintained the stability of enterprises and society.
Fourth, major breakthroughs have been made in industrial restructuring.
At the beginning of the restructuring, the leader asked me what is the most difficult for the restructuring of the enterprise?
I answer the staff who solve the most difficult job placement.
He asked, there are still some companies that have been severely beaten in the restructuring. Why don\'t you?
I said three things: one is to use the right person, and the other is to have a strong and effective team;
Second, correct, open, fair, just and law-abiding;
Third, after the integration of enterprise development and reorganization, employee income increased.
There are many factors in successful restructuring.
I have done several restructuring projects, only some experience for your reference.
Any restructuring must first have strategic guidance to serve the realization of strategic objectives.
Second, we should \"understand\" the business and find value.
The third is to formulate a targeted restructuring plan.
There are different modes of restructuring, some
Divestiture of good assets, some good assets enter the company, and determine the best assets to be divested according to different situations, or put into good assets.
To the point of enterprise restructuring, the common problem is the product, the financial crisis.
So the first task is to build
Financing platform, the next thing to do is to restore the development of new business of hematopoietic function.
Second, we must master the speed and rhythm of progress.
Through 5 years of integration and reorganization, China Electronic weighing instrument-
The competitive power has been greatly improved.
However, the current situation in the core industry is not prominent, and there is still a big gap from the standard group of large international companies, so we must continue to increase the intensity of industry integration.
I think the direction of the group\'s integration and reorganization is mainly around major industries such as liquid crystal display, computer information, electronic equipment, software and services, integrated circuits, e-commerce, electronic engineering, new energy, etc, to build a professional company, leading industry;
The core business of the existing sector will be built as a leading enterprise, and the leading enterprises will be integrated into the business sector. Enterprises can achieve a professional market and finally realize the overall market of the group.
I think China should adhere to the principle of specialization, securitization and flattening, but it can be integrated into
Section is listed, so you can advance and retreat according to the actual situation of Chinese electronics.
Huazhong University: in addition to restructuring, the integration and reorganization of enterprises also means that the blending of different cultures often brings about problems in corporate governance and corporate management. Therefore, no restructuring can be successful.
What innovations do CLP panda have in this regard?
Can the industry share?
Lai Weide: it is necessary not only to restructure the assets and business of the enterprise, but also to restructure the corporate culture.
Nanjing Panda restructuring and electric power 8 electronics company proposed \"professional business restructuring, asset securitization restructuring, debt restructuring\"
The \"five major\" principle, which is an initiative for the actual situation of eight enterprises.
The reorganization of people and things is relatively easy, relatively fast, and the reorganization of culture will be relatively difficult and slow for 70 or 80 years --
The old business comes together and needs a process of integration.
At that time, we did have the cultural phenomenon of 9 or 8 enterprises, the influence of culture on ideas, management, corporate governance and human behavior, however, after four years of unremitting efforts, and now I can proudly tell you that the reorganization of panda eight electric power companies is only a culture, that is, \"CLP panda culture \", that is, modern corporate culture, summed up the following points: first, the company has established a standardized governance system, clarifying the duties, powers and operating procedures of each legal person;
Second, it will be decided by the members of the company\'s legal person Office to establish a leadership team --
System and enhance the leadership ability of collective decision-making --
Development of policies to prevent different sectors;
The third is to establish an incentive system centered on performance appraisal, give full play to the guiding role of performance appraisal, promote the salary incentive of enterprise cadres to form low energy, and promote the overall improvement of enterprise management;
Fourth, establish a monitoring system centered on independent audit and strengthen financial and supervision of the company;
The fifth is to form the corporate spirit of CLP panda, that is, innovation, collaboration, efficiency and dedication.
To build four major commercial sectors, Shuai Zhong University: Yesterday we came from the downtown of Nanjing Airport Road, and the airport was erected along the highway in the eyes of the electricity --
\"Electronic equipment, electronic components, consumer electronics, modern service industry\" is a major section to capture outdoor advertising giant pandas.
However, at the ceremony of Crystal Valley operation today, we saw that the billboard on the 4 th plate of CLP panda has been changed to \"LCD industry, electronic equipment, electronic components, modern service industry \", \"What does this mean?
And at the commissioning ceremony, from the provinces to the leadership of China\'s electronics, they attach great importance to the work of \"revitalizing the Panda brand\". What is the future plan? Lai Weide: Gao-
Production line operation, liquid crystal display industry is the pillar industry of the new electric Panda.
Click on the \"Twelfth Five-Year Plan\" target, when we have the LCD industry, we will reach 400 billion yuan, 10.
Electronic devices, which are two main parts.
Therefore, as the core of consumer electronics, CLP panda LCD panel will develop the same content in the future.
The launch of LCD panel industry and related downstream industries has brought opportunities for panda rejuvenation.
Panda as a national brand, once brilliant, but for various reasons, later to keep up with the pace of the market.
Restructuring in recent years, now from vacuum to flat
We use a flat-screen TV panda.
The construction of the production line of the liquid crystal panel, the establishment of the new panda electric appliance company, invested heavily in the establishment of research and development centers, established marketing channels, in accordance with the international operation and management procedures, nearly 10,000 distribution points have been built in the past year. The new panda is a new image into the family, a country, high
The quality \"panda\" will go to the world in the near future.
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