Video information of liquid crystal display device

by:Kimeery     2021-08-20
Light is an electromagnetic wave and obeys all laws of electromagnetic wave propagation. The part of the spectrum that is visible to the human eye in electromagnetic waves is called visible light. As a kind of optoelectronic device, the liquid crystal display device uses optoelectronic technology to make information feel through the human eye and leave a visual impression in the human brain. As a kind of video information, we use two-dimensional coordinates to characterize the information of the LCD screendevice, because the video information is usually reflected in a plane. This is just like for voice information, we only need a one-dimensional coordinate to mark it, because it is only related to time. For video information, we need to use two coordinates to mark its brightness so that the human eye can accurately recognize and understand it. Any information display device and information system must consider the amount of information it contains. Because of the logarithmic relationship between the amount of information and the uncertainty of the information, the greater the uncertainty of the information, the less likely it is to appear in the information system , The greater the amount of information it contains. According to this point of view, the amount of information contained in the dot matrix module is higher than that of the pen segment module, because the former is randomly driven and displayed by software for the content to be displayed, while for some pen segment modules , Some of the content to be displayed is often already etched. devices have natural and superior capabilities for processing video information, such as low power consumption, easy integration and portability, and low radiation that is not easy to cause electromagnetic pollution.
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