Wanwei High-tech: Accelerate the domestic substitution of PVA polarizers for large-size LCD panels

by:Kimeery     2021-05-31

Guolian Securities released the research report of Wanwei Hi-tech. It pointed out that with the rapid expansion of the domestic LCD panel industry and the acceleration of the localization of polarizers, the trend of domestic polarizers replacing imported polarizers has become increasingly obvious. As the main raw material of polarizers The domestic demand for PVA optical films, especially large-width PVA optical films, will increase year by year. As the first domestic company to independently research and develop, produce and sell PVA optical film products, the company shoulders the important task of breaking the foreign technology blockade and revitalizing the national new material industry. Its business volume and product demand will surely increase significantly.

In order to meet the demand for PVA optical film in the domestic wide-format polarizer production line, speed up the process of localization of polarizers, and realize the import substitution of PVA optical film products, the company has already expanded its existing 5 million square meters On the basis of the production equipment (width 1600mm, products are mainly used in small-size LCD polarizers, glasses polarizers, etc.), a new 7 million square meters/year polyvinyl alcohol optical film project will be built. The PVA optical film production line has a width of 3400mm. The product can be applied to the polarizer set of large-size LCD. After the project is completed and put into production, it is estimated that the annual sales income will be 126 million yuan and the annual profit and tax will be 52.46 million yuan. (Securities Times Network)

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