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What are the causes and solutions of LCD screen flickering

by:Kimeery     2023-03-23
What are the causes and solutions of the LCD screen flicker? With the wide application of LCD mobile LCD screen screens in vehicle products, instruments and other electronic products, there will always be flickering screens during use, which will affect the use of customers. , so what should we do at this time? mobile phone LCD segment code liquid crystal screen (1), the frequency of the LCD liquid crystal screen itself is too high, resulting in a flickering screen. However, in real life, the device flickers rarely due to excessive frequency. According to industry technicians, people's naked eyes have no flickering feeling for pictures exceeding 60hz, and the design standards of general LCD screens are basically within this data range, so under normal circumstances there will be no excessive frequency The situation, but at the same time does not rule out the failure of the screen itself. After being tested by relevant instruments, it is indeed the fault of the screen itself. In addition to replacing a new monochrome mobile phone LCD screen, it is to design the software related to the device. Solution: Increase the OSC frequency of the IC to see the flickering of the LCD screen. Of course, if the LCD screen has separate row and column drivers, it can also be adjusted by setting the driver chip. (2) The frequency of the LCD screen is similar to that of the light source, resulting in flickering. This happens very often. Due to the different frequencies of different light sources, in some specific cases, it is relatively common for the LCD screen to flicker when the frequency of the artificial light source is similar. Solution: It is an artificial light source or LCD liquid crystal screen device to avoid the occurrence of flickering.

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