What are the LCD characteristic parameters and what are the technical indicators and parameters of the LCD?

by:Kimeery     2021-09-05
We all know that LCD is gradually replacing displays such as CRTs because the advantages of LCD are huge compared to other displays. So what are the advantages of LCD as we know it from a technical point of view? The following is an introduction to mobile phone LCD characteristics. What are the LCD characteristic parameters? What are the technical indicators of LCD? 1. Working temperature and storage temperature: the normal temperature LCD working temperature is 0℃~50℃, and the storage temperature is -20℃~70℃. Wide temperature LCD working temperature is -30℃~80℃, storage temperature is -40℃~100℃. 2. Contrast ratio: TNLCD: DUTY1~1/8, Cr>5. When DUTY1/8~1/16 (including 1/8), Cr>3. STNLCD: Cr>3 in blue and gray mode. In yellow, green, yellow-green mode, Cr>5. 3. Response time: TNLCD: rise time <250ms; fall time <300ms. STNLCD: Rise time <400ms; Fall time <400ms. 4. Viewing angle range: TNLCD: DUTY1~1/8,>30°; DUTY1/8~1/16,>25°. STNLCD: When DUTY>1/64,>50°; When DUTY30°. 5. Threshold voltage: TN can reach 0.7V at room temperature, and STN can reach 0.8V at room temperature. The lowest threshold voltage at wide temperature will increase accordingly.
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