What are the LCD connection methods and their differences, what are the advantages and disadvantages of LCD LCD screen connection methods

by:Kimeery     2021-08-29
With the rapid development of the electronic components industry, LCD screens have also been applied to various industries, such as automobiles, small household appliances, disinfection machines, beauty equipment, medical equipment and other fields. Many salespersons often encounter customer inquiries about the common connection methods and differences between LCD and IC. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the LCD screen connection methods? Today, the Kimeery technical staff will give a brief introduction, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. What are the LCD connection methods and the differences? There are mainly the following 5 connection methods: (1) SMT connection method LCD LCD screen SMT connection method diagram What does SMT mean: the English abbreviation is'Surface mount technology', Chinese: surface mount technology , This is a more traditional installation method. Advantages: high reliability. Disadvantages: large size and high cost, limiting the miniaturization of LCM. (2) COB connection mode LCD LCD screen COB connection mode diagram What does COB mean: the English abbreviation is'Chip On Board', Chinese: the chip is bonded on the PCB, which is a kind of wire bonding in the chip production process The method is generally used to connect the internal circuit of the chip to the package pins with gold wires before packaging. Generally, after bonding (that is, after the circuit and the pins are connected), the chip is packaged with black glue. At the same time, the advanced outer packaging technology COB is adopted. The process of this process is to implant the tested wafer on a special circuit board. Then use gold wires to connect the wafer circuit to the circuit board, and then cover the melted organic material with a special protective function on the wafer to complete the post-package of the chip. Advantages: PCB board and other materials can be omitted, the module can be greatly reduced in volume, and the cost can also be reduced in terms of price. Disadvantages: ① The packaging density is slightly lower than TAB and flip-chip bonding technology. ② It needs to be equipped with a welding machine and a packaging machine, which requires extremely strict production technology. If sometimes the speed cannot keep up, and the PCB patch has stricter environmental requirements and cannot be repaired. Development trend: As IC manufacturers are reducing the output of QFP (a type of SMT) package in the production of LCD control and related chips, the traditional SMT connection method will be gradually replaced in future products. (3) TAB connection method LCD LCD screen TAB connection method diagram What does TAB mean: English abbreviation is'Tape Aotomated Bonding', Chinese: Anisotropic conductive adhesive connection. The IC packaged as TCP (Tape Carrier Package) is fixed on the LCD and PCB with anisotropic conductive adhesive. Advantages: It has the advantages of reducing the weight, volume, convenient installation, and better reliability of the LCM. (4) COG connection mode LCD LCD screen COG connection mode diagram What does COG mean: the English abbreviation is'Chip On Glass', Chinese: the chip is directly bonded on the glass. This installation method can greatly reduce the volume of the entire LCD module, and is easy to mass produce, and is suitable for LCDs used in consumer electronic products, such as portable electronic products such as mobile phones and PDAs. Under the promotion of IC manufacturers, this installation method will be the main connection method between IC and LCD in the future. (5) COF connection mode LCD LCD screen COF connection mode diagram What does COF mean: the English abbreviation is'Chip On Film', Chinese: the chip is directly mounted on the flexible PCB. This connection method has a high degree of integration, and the peripheral components can be mounted on the flexible PCB together with the IC. This is an emerging technology that has entered the trial production stage.
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