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What are the types of LCD liquid crystal modules and what are the advantages of LCD liquid crystal modules

by:Kimeery     2021-08-29
What are the types of LCD LCD modules? I believe many people don’t know. As a manufacturer focusing on Ru0026D, production and sales of LCD LCD screens, LCM LCD modules, LED backlights and LED digital tubes, today I will give you a brief introduction to LCD LCD. Module types, various advantages of LCD modules, I hope to be helpful to everyone. 1. Divided according to display content: LCD liquid crystal display modules can be divided into three types: pen segment type, character type, and graphic dot matrix type. 1. The pen-segment liquid crystal display module mainly displays 7-segment number 8 characters and fixed icons (refer to the figure below). Kimeery smoke flue machine customized LCD segment code liquid crystal display module advantages: the LCD control driver is connected to the MCU interface, the process is simple, the price is low, and it is widely used in temperature and humidity meters, electronic scales, multimeters, smart meters, air conditioners, microwave ovens, rice cookers, etc. On small home appliances. Disadvantages: less display content. 2. The character LCD module mainly displays Arabic numerals, English letters and ASCII Western characters (refer to the figure below). Advantages of Kimeery1602 character LCD module: The LCD control driver used has an ASCII Western character dot matrix generator, and the single-chip microcomputer only The corresponding characters can be displayed on the liquid crystal display (LCD) by sending the ASCII character code. The price is moderate, especially suitable for the display of the Latin alphabet. Widely used in various industrial control equipment, communication equipment systems, environmental protection series, financial series, etc. Disadvantages: Only ASCII characters can be displayed, and the flexibility is not strong, and it is difficult to realize large-area character display. 3. The graphic dot matrix LCD module mainly displays the graphic dot matrix (refer to the figure below). Kimeery12864 graphic dot matrix LCD module advantages: full graphic dot matrix operation, the single-chip microcomputer can realize custom icons for the operation of the liquid crystal display module, and the drawing operation is very strong. The display function is widely used in monitoring equipment and testing equipment. Disadvantages: It is connected with the single-chip microcomputer, the interface is complicated, and the price is relatively expensive. 2. According to the principle of liquid crystal module display: LCD liquid crystal modules can be divided into five categories: TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, and VA. 1. TN LCD screenmodule adopts TN type liquid crystal display. Advantages: low power consumption and low price. Disadvantages: Because the optical rotation of the TN-type liquid crystal display is only 90 degrees, the viewing angle of the display is relatively narrow. In addition, the photoelectric response curve of the TN-type liquid crystal is relatively flat, so the display contrast is low. 2. The HTN liquid crystal display module adopts the HTN liquid crystal display. (Highly twisted nematic) Nematic liquid crystal molecules are sandwiched between two transparent glasses. Between the two layers of glass, the orientation of the liquid crystal molecules is deflected by 110 to 130 degrees. Advantages: high contrast ratio, low power consumption, low drive voltage, and dynamic drive performance is not good enough. Disadvantages: The viewing angle is wider than that of the TN type. 3. STN liquid crystal display module adopts STN liquid crystal display. Advantages: The viewing angle is relatively wide, the display contrast is relatively high, and it is suitable for driving the number of channels below 240. Disadvantages: The price is higher than that of TN, and it can only display a single color. 4. FSTN LCD module adopts FSTN LCD display. In order to improve the background color problem of ordinary STN, a compensation film is added to the polarizer to eliminate dispersion and realize black and white display. 5. VA liquid crystal display module adopts VA type liquid crystal display. VA panels are the most widely used panel types for high-end LCD screens, and they belong to wide viewing angle panels. Advantages: The black and white contrast is quite high. Disadvantages: The material cost is high, and the price is relatively expensive.
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