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What do you know about the working principle of the LCD screen?

by:Kimeery     2023-03-23
LCD liquid crystal display' style='white-space: normal;'>The structure of the LCD liquid crystal display is to place the liquid crystal material in two parallel glasses. There are many thin vertical and horizontal lines between the two glasses. These rod-like crystal molecules are controlled by energizing them or not, which changes direction and refracts light out of the screen. It's much better than a CRT, but more expensive. The mobile LCD screen must be poured into two flat surfaces with grooves to work properly. The grooves on the two planes are perpendicular to each other (intersect at 90 degrees), that is, if the molecules on one plane are arranged in the north-south direction and the molecules in the other plane are arranged in the east-west direction, the molecules between the two planes will be Forced into a 90-degree twist. Because light travels in the direction of the molecules, it is also twisted 90 degrees as it passes through the liquid crystal. But when a voltage is applied to the liquid crystal, the molecules rearrange vertically so that light can be guided without any distortion. It depends on the polarizing filter and the light itself. Natural light radiates randomly in all directions. A polarizing filter is actually a series of increasingly thinner parallel wires. These lines form a net that blocks all light that is not parallel to these lines, and the line of the polarizing filter is exactly perpendicular to the first line, so it completely blocks polarized light. Light can only get through if the lines of the two filters are perfectly parallel, or if the light itself is twisted to match the second polarizing filter. The LCD mobile phone LCD screenconsists of two polarizing filters perpendicular to each other, so under normal circumstances, all light trying to penetrate should be blocked. However, due to the twisting of the liquid crystal between the two filters, when the light passes through the first filter, it will be twisted by 90 degrees by the liquid crystal molecules, and finally pass through the second filter. On the other hand, if you apply a voltage to the liquid crystal, the molecules will rearrange and become perfectly parallel so that the light is not twisted again, so it's just blocked by the second filter. In a word, turning on electricity can block the light, and turning off the electricity can make the light go out. Of course, you can also change the arrangement of the liquid crystals on the LCD screen, so that when the power is on, the light will be emitted, but when the power is not on, the light will be blocked. The three basic components of the LCD liquid crystal display and their characteristics: material: The liquid crystal material is the main component of the liquid crystal screen, and the mobile LCD screen material used in different devices is also different. Most liquid crystal materials are mixed from several or even more than a dozen liquid crystal materials. Glass substrate: is a very flat surface float process to produce thin glass sheets. There is a layer of transparent conductive layer zn203 or sn02 on the surface, that is, ITO film. After processing, a transparent conductive pattern is produced. If scratched, cut or corroded, it will cause the vacuum device to be completely scrapped. mobile phone LCD LCD screen TFT mobile phone LCD screen'>TFT LCD display LCD for Samsung display customization'>LCD for Samsung display customization

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