What does LCM mean, and what does LCM LCD module mean?

by:Kimeery     2021-08-27
What does LCM mean and what does LCM liquid crystal module mean? Kimeery, as a domestic enterprise specializing in liquid crystal module (LCM) Ru0026D and manufacturing, has sufficient understanding of customers’ questions about liquid crystal modules. LCM manufacturer Xingyuhe Company In this article, engineers give a unified introduction to the basic knowledge of LCD modules. What does LCM mean and what does LCM mean? Liquid crystal module and LCM refer to the same product. LCM (liquid crystal module) is the abbreviation for the English translation of liquid crystal module. So what kind of product is the LCD module? Usually, we are only familiar with LCD screens and understand what kind of LCD screens are. Liquid crystal module (LCM) is an LCD screen that can display information autonomously. We all know that the LCD screen will not display video information if there is no device that outputs video signals through the video cable. The LCD module is a device that assembles signal output equipment, video cables and LCD screens. The video output equipment of LCM contains circuit boards, control ICs, drivers and other components. The LCM LCD screenmodule is a complete display assembly that can be designed according to user needs by assembling LCD screendevices, connectors, integrated circuits, control drive circuits, PCB circuit boards, backlight sources, and structural components. In view of the above introduction, we can know that LCM and LCD module have the same meaning.
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