What does LED backlight mean and what does backlight LED mean?

by:Kimeery     2021-08-27
I believe people often hear LED backlights when they first touch LCD screens, but they have never figured out what it is. What does LED backlight mean? What does backlight LED mean? Backlight is a light source behind the liquid crystal display (LCD), and its luminous effect will directly affect the visual effect of the LCD screenmodule (LCM). The LCD screenitself does not emit light, it displays graphics or characters as a result of its modulation of light. Widely used in: small household appliances, touch screens, automobiles, electric vehicles, mobile phones, tablet computers, GPS, solar cells and other industries. LED backlights use light-emitting diodes as the backlight light source, and light-emitting diodes with different light-emitting characteristics can be obtained by using different semiconductor materials. The light-emitting diodes that have been put into commercial applications can provide red, green, blue, cyan, orange, amber, white and other colors. What are the advantages of LED backlight? The advantage of using LED backlight is that the thickness is thinner, about 5 cm, the color gamut is also very wide, which can reach 105% of the NTSC color gamut, and the black luminous flux can be reduced to 0.05 lumens, thereby making the LCD TV contrast as high as 10,000: 1. At the same time, the LED backlight also has a life span of 100,000 hours. I believe that what LED backlight means, everyone has a clear understanding. If you choose a good product, choose Kimeery.
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