What is a liquid crystal display module

by:Kimeery     2021-08-23
The liquid crystal display module is a component that assembles liquid crystal display devices, connectors, integrated circuits, PCB circuit boards, backlight sources, and structural parts together. The English name is 'LCD ModuleIn fact, it is a commercial component. According to my country's relevant national standards, only the integral parts that cannot be split are called 'modulesTherefore, the standard name should be called 'liquid crystal display module'. But because people have been accustomed to call it 'module' for a long time. The LCD screendevice is a kind of high-tech basic component. Although its application is very extensive, it is still difficult for many people to use and assemble. Especially for dot-matrix liquid crystal display devices, users will feel even more helpless. The special connection method and the required special equipment are not known and possessed by everyone. Therefore, the user of the liquid crystal display device hopes that someone will do it for them. The LCD screendevice and the control and drive integrated circuit are assembled together to form a functional component. The user only needs It can be assembled into a complete system with traditional technology. Broadly speaking, all the components assembled by liquid crystal display devices and integrated circuits belong to 'modulesEspecially because the dot matrix liquid crystal display device products, except for some special and high-volume varieties (such as translators, communication applications), the manufacturers directly supply liquid crystal display devices to users, and almost all general-purpose dot matrix liquid crystal display devices are It is only supplied to users after processing into modules, so it is easy to form a misunderstanding that 'liquid crystal module' is 'dot matrix liquid crystal module'.
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