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What is FPC

by:Kimeery     2021-09-03
FPC: flexible circuit board (flexible PCB): referred to as 'soft boardEnglish is'FPC PCB' or'FPCB, Flexible and Rigid-Flex'. 1, flexible circuit board (flexible printed circuit) flexible circuit board (flexible printed circuit): English Flexible Printed Circuit, abbreviated FPC, Commonly known as soft board. The definition of flexible circuit board in IPC-T-50 is a single-layer, double-layer or multi-layer printed circuit board made of flexible substrates, which can have a cover layer (solder mask) or no Covering layer (solder mask). The national standard GB/T2036-94 'Terminals for Printed Circuits' 2.11 explains the flexible printed circuit (FPC): a printed circuit made of a flexible substrate can have or without a flexible cover layer. 2. Rigid-flex printed circuit board Rigid-flex printed circuit board: English Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit, (FPC) is also known as a rigid-flex board. Rigid-flex printed boards are composed of rigid and flexible substrates that are selectively laminated together. The structure is compact, and conductive connections are formed by metallized holes. Each rigid-perturbed printed board has one or more rigid areas and One or more flexible zones. The national standard GB/T2036-94 2.11 'Printed Circuit Terminology' explains the rigid-flexible printed board (FPC): a printed board made by using a flexible substrate and combining it with a rigid substrate in different areas. In the rigid-flex joint zone, the conductive patterns of the flexible substrate and the rigid substrate are usually interconnected. The above information is collected and compiled by Shenzhen LCM LCD and iphone LCD module manufacturer-Xingyuhe Electronics.
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