What is LED digital tube and what types of LED digital tube are there?

by:Kimeery     2021-08-23
What is LED digital tube? Common microwave ovens, soymilk machines, currency counters, and set-top boxes in daily life will all have small LCD screens that display our operations or machine status. Most of this type of equipment is composed of multiple LED digital tubes. LED segment display (LEDSegmentDisplays) is a kind of digital and other information electronic display equipment. As shown in the figure below, a number of light-emitting diodes (eight diodes from A to G and dp) are packaged together to form an '8'-shaped device. When a specific diode is energized, it will emit light, and when several different diodes are combined to emit light, it will display the numbers or letters we see. What types of LED digital tubes are usually classified according to the number of light-emitting diodes of the LED digital tubes. The LED digital tube shown in the figure above is a 'seven-segment digital tube' because it is composed of seven large diodes (usually without Count dp this digital tube). A general seven-segment digital tube has eight light-emitting diodes to display numbers from 0 to 9 in decimal, and can also display English letters, including English A to F in hexadecimal and twenty decimals (b, d, i are lowercase, Others are in uppercase). At present, most of the seven-segment digital tubes will be displayed in italics. The seven-segment nixie tube is composed of four straight, three horizontal and one point on the upper right and lower right corners of light emitting diodes, and different numbers are combined by the upward bar luminous bodies. According to the number of display segments 1. Eight-segment digital tubes are divided into common anode and common cathode. The positive (or anode) of the seven-segment digital tube with common anode is the common anode of the eight light-emitting diodes, and the other contacts are the negative electrodes of the independent light-emitting diodes (or Cathode), the user only needs to connect the positive pole, and the different negative poles are grounded to control the seven-segment digital tube to display different numbers. The seven-segment digital tube with common cathode is just the opposite of the connection method of common anode. Also according to the above-mentioned classification method of LED digital tubes, we can know that there are several more common types 2. Nine-segment LED digital tubes are more used in digital watches and pagers than 7-segment LED digital tubes. 3 . Fourteen-segment LED nixie tube 4. Sixteen-segment LED nixie tube is classified according to the number of display digits and can be divided into 1 digit, 2 digits, 3 digits, 4 digits and multi-digit LED nixie tubes according to how many '8' can be displayed. According to the connection mode of light-emitting diode unit, it is divided into common anode digital tube and common cathode digital tube according to the connection mode of light-emitting diode unit. Common anode digital tube refers to the digital tube that connects the anodes of all light-emitting diodes (LED) together to form a common anode (COM). When the common anode digital tube is in use, connect the common anode COM to +5V; when the cathode of a certain field of light-emitting diodes is low, the field will light up; when the cathode of a certain field is high, The corresponding field is not lit. Common cathode digital tube refers to a digital tube that connects the cathodes of all light-emitting secondary fuan together to form a common cathode. When the common cathode digital tube is in use, connect the common cathode COM to the ground line GND. When the anode of a certain field of light-emitting diodes is high, the corresponding field is lit; when the anode of a certain field is low, the corresponding field The field is not lit. Classification according to the displayed character height The minimum character height of the stroke display is 1mm (the character height of the monolithic integrated multi-digit digital tube is generally 2~3mm). Other types of stroke display characters can reach up to 12.7mm (0.5 inches) or even hundreds of millimeters. According to the display color classification. According to the display color, there are many kinds of red, orange, yellow, green and so on. According to the internal structure, there are reflector type, single-strip seven-segment type and single-chip integrated type. This article is about the introduction of digital tube types. LED digital tube product display, please click: LED digital tube
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