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What is OLED, introduction to the principle of OLED display technology

by:Kimeery     2021-08-23
The OLED display is the technological master of the current LCD display, representing the highest level of modern display technology, so what exactly is an LCD for Samsung display? First of all, we can see from the naming that OLED is a kind of light-emitting diode (LED). The full name of LCD for Samsung is OrganicLight-EmittingDiode, that is, organic light-emitting diode display. It refers to organic semiconductor materials and luminescent materials that emit light under current drive. Displayed technology. The principle of the display screen is that organic electroluminescence refers to the phenomenon that organic semiconductor light-emitting materials are driven by an electric field to form excitons through carrier injection, transport, electron and hole combination, and then radiation recombination to cause light emission. Compared with LCD, OLED has many advantages: self-luminous, no backlight source, high luminous efficiency; DC low-voltage drive; fast response characteristics (microsecond level); wide viewing angle (viewing angle more than 170 degrees); wide temperature characteristics (at- It can work normally within the range of 40℃~70℃); easy to realize soft screen display.
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