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What is the difference between AMOLED screen and LCD screen?

by:Kimeery     2023-03-27
The light-emitting principle of LCD mainly depends on the backlight layer, which is usually composed of a large number of LED backlights. It has only one function, which is to display white light, but white light cannot form an image, so a layer with color is added on the white backlight layer. After the white backlight penetrates the colored film, the color can be displayed, but the ratio of red, green and blue needs to be adjusted, so that the light cannot directly pass through the red, green and blue, but through the liquid crystal layer to change its color. The magnitude of the two-pole voltage controls the arrangement of the mobile LCD screen molecules, so that the large opening and closing will emit more light, and the small opening and closing will emit less light, so as to control the amount of white light, so that the red, green, and blue can be adjusted. Proportioned. OLED does not need a backlight layer like an LCD screen, nor does it need a mobile LCD screen layer to control the amount of light. OLED can emit light by itself, so OLED is like a screen with countless small colored light bulbs. Disadvantages of LCD Screen LCD currently has a fatal problem, that is, the mobile LCD screen layer cannot be completely closed, so if the mobile phone LCD displays black, part of the light will pass through the color layer, and the black of the LCD is actually gray mixed with white and black , From the side of the film, it is actually a gray with a greatly decreasing brightness, not pure black. And OLED is different. When OLED displays black, it can directly turn off the pixels in the black area to achieve almost pure black effect. In addition, due to the existence of the backlight layer, there is still light leakage in the LCD screen, and it is impossible for the LCD to completely avoid the light leakage. Advantages of OLED screen Thickness: Due to the existence of backlight layer and liquid crystal layer, LCD is much thicker than OLED, so OLED screen is very easy to make mobile phone or display thinner, which is a great improvement for mobile phones, thinner The screen allows you to insert more components to improve the experience of other parts. Degree of bendability: Also because of the existence of the liquid crystal layer and the backlight layer, the LCD screen cannot be bent significantly, while the OLED screen can be folded almost as easily as origami. Samsung's curved screen is supported by OLED technology. It should be noted that what is mentioned here is a large bend. Those curved screens of desktops are still LCDs. You can find that the degree of curvature is not large. OLEDs can be folded in half like paper. Color: Contrast refers to the ratio of white to black. The higher the contrast, the thicker the color of the picture. Because LCD has a backlight layer, black is not pure black, so it is difficult to increase the contrast. LCD for Samsung black does not emit light, so you can directly turn off the black area. Pixels, so that it is basically infinitely close to black. Lighting up individually: When the LCD is turned on, the entire backlight layer is turned on, so the mobile phone LCD is either fully on or fully off, while each pixel of the OLED is independent, so the OLED can light up some pixels individually, so that the information can be achieved. Screen reminders (aways on display), which can greatly reduce the number of times the screen is turned on, and indirectly save power. Power consumption level: Because OLED pixels work independently, what should be bright is bright, what should be dark is dark, and what should be off is off. No matter what color is displayed on LCD, the backlight is fully turned on, so LCD is bound to consume power. Disadvantages of OLED screen burn-in: The defect of LCD for Samsung is also obvious and fatal. LCD screen is an inorganic material, and its aging speed is much slower than OLED of organic material. Therefore, the lifespan of OLED organic material is not as good as that of LCD, and it is more The most fatal thing is that because each pixel of OLED is self-luminous, instead of the whole block being bright like LCD, this will cause the working time of each pixel of OLED to be different, and some pixels display blue for a long time. Then its blue attenuation will be more than other pixels, and the blue color will become lighter and weaker in the future, so LCD for Samsung is very prone to screen burn-in. However, screen burn-in is a very long process. In general, as long as the brightness of the mobile phone is controlled below 60% in daily use, and the screen of the mobile phone is not displayed for a long time, the screen burn-in that is visible to the naked eye will appear after 3 years. , and at that time the mobile phone will basically be replaced. Moreover, Samsung OLED can be replaced for free if the screen is burned during the warranty period. Therefore, some people will feel obviously uncomfortable when using OLED at low brightness, so before choosing an OLED screen, it is best to make sure whether you can accept low-brightness PWM strobe before making a decision. It should be noted that, in fact, many low-end LCD screens are also PWM dimming. Don't think that LCDs are all DC dimming. TFT LCD screen manufacturers, AMOLED LCD screen custom manufacturers, TFT LCD screen manufacturers custom

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