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What is the function of LCD display polarizer?

by:Kimeery     2023-03-27
An important part of the LCD liquid crystal screen is the polarizer. With the emergence of special full-matching technology, polarizers are more and more widely used in mobile phone LCD screens. What role do polarizers play in mobile phone LCD displays? In the LCD screenindustry, polarizers are widely used, and mobile LCD screen displays require the use of polarizers. Polarizers and liquid crystals play an evolutionary role together. In the production process, two pieces of ordinary tempered glass are first printed on the circuit, and then glued together and folded. Then inject liquid crystal into the middle of both sides of the glass, and paste polarizers on the top and bottom of the glass. Polarizers should be attached to the upper and lower glass, but pay attention to the direction. If the lower polarizer filters light in the x direction, the upper polarizer can only filter light in the y direction. If the upper polarizer filters out light in the y direction and the lower polarizer filters out light in the x direction, the user sees nothing. While the mobile phone LCD monitor works fine, the polarizer is not visible to the naked eye. The current LCD color screen is generally only on the film, not on the film, to carry out technological innovation on the product. Polarizers are called polarizers. People who have studied physics should know what polarized light is. The imaging of the LCD screen must rely on polarized light. All liquid crystals have two polarizers close to the liquid crystal glass, forming a liquid crystal sheet with a total thickness of about 1mm. Without polarizers, LCD monitors cannot display images. Therefore, the polarizer is a key component of the mobile LCD screen display. LCD for Samsung display manufacturers'>LCD for Samsung display manufacturersLCD display TFT LCD screen'>TFT LCD display

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