What is the LCD screen font, and what is the relationship between the font and the display?

by:Kimeery     2021-09-03
We all know that the computer processes information in the form of 0 and 1 code strings, so how does the computer process text information? This involves how to solve the problem of using 0 and l code strings to represent text symbols. That is, the problem of coding. In the single-chip Xiang L system, the encoding of Chinese characters is done by using fonts. The binary code string describing the dot matrix information of a Chinese character is called the 'model' of the Chinese character. The dot matrix information of all Chinese characters and various symbols forms Hando's 'font library' (abbreviated as font library). When the computer is outputting, the processed code must be converted into the corresponding character's dot matrix shape for display or printing, then the computer must store the dot matrix information of each character. These dot matrix information constitute a 'font library'. Such as: 'A' this character. To output, it is necessary to call the dot matrix information in the font library, as shown in the figure. The larger the dot matrix of the iphone LCD module font, the better the font, but the more storage space it takes up. For example, the number of bytes occupied by an 8X8 dot matrix font is 8 bytes. The number of bytes occupied by a 16X large dot matrix font is 32 bytes. The general lattice types are 16X16, XZ soul, 32X32, 48X48, etc. The processing of Chinese characters is similar to that of English. However, due to the different characteristics of Chinese character information, compatibility with English information processing systems must be considered, making the processing more difficult. The output of Chinese characters mainly refers to the output of Chinese character glyphs. The output methods are mainly display and printing. When Chinese characters are output, a dot matrix is u200bu200bused to represent a Chinese character. Each point of the dot matrix has only two states: point or no point. If it is expressed in binary code, the value of this bit is 1 for small dots, and the value of 0 indicates no dots. The output principle of Chinese characters is the same as that of Western languages. The difference is that there are many strokes in Chinese characters. To be able to express a Chinese character well, at least 16X16 dot matrix is u200bu200brequired. If the font is required to be realistic and beautiful, the number of dots in the dot matrix should be increased. For example, using 24X24, 32X32, 48X48, etc., the storage space of Chinese characters is much larger than that of Western characters, and a lot of storage space is needed to store fonts. Figure is the 16X16 dot matrix representation of the Chinese character '中'.
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