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What is the progress of Huarui Optoelectronics' 5th generation TFT-LCD project 'resumption'?

by:Kimeery     2021-06-02

More than 400 people from Henan Huarui Optoelectronics 'returned to work' 36 key provincial and municipal projects in the port area have resumed. Zhengzhou City’s New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group Office Announcement No. 15 of 2020 (hereinafter referred to as “Announcement 15”) requires that “the city’s enterprises shall implement classification, division, and orderly resumption of work by time period”. As a provincial key project, what is the progress of the fifth-generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display device project of Henan Huarui Optoelectronics Industry Co., Ltd. located in the Zhengzhou Airport Experimental Zone? On the afternoon of March 6, a reporter from Dahe News and Dahe Client entered the project Project site.

Illustration: Workers are installing external aluminum panels

On the project site, a reporter from Dahe Daily and Dahe Client saw that the main building of the project has been capped Upon completion, the external image has begun to appear. Workers carry out interior decoration and installation of external aluminum panels in the building. It is understood that as the first fifth-generation thin-film transistor liquid crystal display device manufacturer in the province, workers will also install and debug related equipment during this period.

'The management team will resume work first. They have already arrived before February 25. At present, more than 400 people have resumed work. The total number of workers is about 1,500. On the basis of meeting the epidemic prevention requirements, the project Every day there will be new laborers in Shanghai,' said Wang Ziyin, executive vice president of Huarui Optoelectronics Project. It is understood that the project covers an area of u200bu200bapproximately 328,700 square meters (approximately 500 acres), and the construction area of u200bu200bthe first phase is 342,400 square meters. Introduced the fifth-generation thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) production line of South Korea’s LG Display, with a large LCD panel size of 1200mm*1000mm, which can produce products of various specifications from 1.44 to 42 inches, mainly for 6 inches The following smart terminals (mobile phones, digital, smart wearables, etc.) and car front-mounted and rear-mounted products (instruments, central control, audio-visual, driving records, GPS, etc.). It can drive the introduction of precision injection molding, precision stamping, backlights, light guide plates, polarizers, electronic materials and other industrial chain related supporting facilities. After the project is completed and put into production, it will form an optoelectronic display industry cluster of more than 40 billion yuan in the future, which will promote the transformation of the industrial structure in the region. Upgrading, perfecting the industrial chain, and building advanced manufacturing clusters are of great significance.

The Dahe Client reporter of Dahe News learned from the Zhengzhou Airport Experimental Zone Management Committee that in 2020, there will be a total of 81 key provincial and municipal projects (including bundling), with a total investment of 209.2 billion yuan and an annual investment of 435 yuan. Among them, there are 32 newly started projects, 29 continued projects, 11 completed projects, and 9 pre-projects. So far, 36 projects have been resumed. Among them, there are 25 resumption projects and 11 start-up projects, and the actual number of people on duty is 3860.

It is understood that after the issuance of the 'Several Policies for Supporting Enterprises (Projects) to Resume Work and Production in Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental ZoneThe 'daily review' system, in accordance with the principle of fulfilling one batch when the conditions are mature, actively organizes offices and parks to accept the application of reward funds for resumption of work and production of eligible enterprises. Up to now, 191 enterprises and 22 key projects have been declared, and about 4.72 million yuan has been applied for award funds. It mainly benefits enterprises in electronic information, biomedicine, and modern logistics throughout the region.

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