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What problems and common faults will occur when the LCD display is used?

by:Kimeery     2023-03-27
LCD displays are used in many devices, so do you know what problems and common faults will occur when mobile phone LCD displays are used? LCD displays include: computer control part, display drive matrix, LCD display array, and power supply. big portions. There are many problems with the LCD display: 1. Interface problems. Phenomenon: Computer information cannot be displayed, check the cable. 2. Power problem. The LCD display uses a low-voltage high-current power supply, which is not much different from an ordinary DC power supply. 3. Drive problems. Each row or column is not displayed, that is, the corresponding drive circuit (chip) problem, just replace it. 4. Display problem. Long-term use of the LCD display may be damaged and aging, just repair and replace. Troubleshooting process for common LCD screen screens - diagnosis process: 1. Determine whether your LCD screen is a synchronous display or an asynchronous display; the display of a synchronous display depends on the settings of the monitor, and the display of an asynchronous display does not depend on the settings of the monitor. 2. Determine whether your LCD screen has a partial display problem or a problem with the entire screen display. For a synchronous LCD display, you should confirm whether the settings of the display have changed, whether the communication is normal, whether the transmission is normal, and then whether the reception is normal; for an asynchronous LCD screen, you should first confirm the parameters of the display: hardware address, width, height, Whether the IP has changed, if these parameters are correct, then test whether the communication is normal, and finally determine whether the LCD control is normal. LCD display LCD screen manufacturer TFT LCD screen

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