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When turning the machine does not turn? Speed regulating motor manufacturer for all kinds of not turn!

by:Kimeery     2020-03-21
电机是我们常用的设备,电机工作过程中,有时出现电机突然停转,过一会儿又重新启动但启动后仅仅转几分钟,就又停下来停一会儿后又能启动,如此周而复使。 Also sometimes startup, motor speed is slow, work for a while and then stop did not turn. This kind of failure if not treated in time a long time, it is easy to burn out motor and control system of the device. The heating effect of the current thermal relay is used to protect the motor from a relay overload damage over a long period of time. And thermal relay on one can choose to manually reset and automatic reset button, we will be in the incubation equipment thermal relay set can be automatically reset, when contact with the load for a long time under the condition of overload work, thermal relay can disconnect contact lines in effective time power, protect the motor. But when cooled self-locking mechanism within the thermal relay, thermal relay in the control switch and the power to drive motor work on contactor, when the system is back to normal again, but after a few minutes, thermal relay fever again disconnect contactor power supply, motor stalling again, so the cycle. The cause of the failure in the thermal relay, so what is the cause of thermal relay protection operation? We know that the load phase or partial phase deficiency is the main cause of thermal relay action. Judgment method using direct agglutination test, shut off the machine, according to the principle of from the first measure for each device, always look up to the user the power from the motor blade fuse, would be likely to cause lack of phase or replace or tighten the control of the poor contact device.
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