Which is better, direct-lit LED and edge-lit LED backlight?

by:Kimeery     2021-08-20
Abstract: There are two types of LED backlights used in LCD screens: direct-lit and edge-lit. Edge-lit LED backlights have the advantage of being thin, but they have the disadvantages of low light utilization and relatively low uniformity; direct-lit LED backlights The source has the advantages of uniform light emission, high brightness, high light utilization, and simple structure, but the thickness, weight, and power consumption of the backlight module have obvious disadvantages compared with the edge-lit LED backlight. Main text: The technological process of LED backlight is to convert LED point light sources into uniform luminous surface light sources, which are divided into edge-light type and direct-light type according to the different distribution positions of the light source. Edge-lit LED backlight In the edge-lit backlight, the LEDs are distributed on the side of the light guide plate, and its structure is relatively compact. One of the structures is shown in the figure. Edge-lit LED backlight structure The edge-lit backlight is a backlight made of a linear or point-shaped light source placed on the side of a specially designed light guide plate. The principle of the light guide plate is to use the dot distribution (pattern) at the bottom of the light guide acrylic plate (PMMA) to destroy the interference phenomenon of light, and to evenly convert the line light source into a surface light source. Its function is to guide the scattering direction of the light and make the light distribution more Even so that the shadow of the reflection point cannot be seen from the front, it is used to improve the brightness of the panel and ensure the uniformity of the panel brightness. The excellent light guide plate has a great influence on the backlight. The light guide plate can be made into a bilateral type according to the needs of actual use. , Three-sided or even four-sided. The edge-lit backlight can be made very thin, but the light utilization rate of the backlight source is small, and the thinner the utilization rate is smaller. Its technical core is the design and manufacture of the light guide plate. At present, there are mainly two types of printing and injection molding. In the form of light guide plate, others such as injection molding and printing, laser dotting, and corrosion account for a small proportion, which is not suitable for the principle of mass production. Because of its low cost, printing has become the mainstream technology for a long time in the past, but low qualified products have always been its main disadvantage. At present, LCD products require a more precise light guide structure, and injection molded light guides will inevitably become the mainstream of backlight development. , But only a few major manufacturers can overcome the corresponding mold technical problems. With the continuous development and maturity of light guide plate technology, side-light-guided LED-backlit LCD TVs can truly adapt to the development trend of ultra-thin LCD displays. When direct-lit LED backlights and side-lit LED backlights are used on medium and large-sized LCDs, the weight and cost of the light guide plate will increase with the increase in size, and the brightness and uniformity of the light emission are not ideal. At the same time, the side-lit LED backlights The LCD TV cannot realize the dynamic regional control of the LCD TV because of the light guide plate, and can only realize simple one-dimensional dimming, while the direct-lit LED backlight performs better and can realize the regional dynamic control of the LCD TV. The direct backlight process is relatively simple and does not require a light guide plate. The light source (LED chip array) and PCB are placed at the bottom of the backlight. After the light is emitted from the LED, it passes through the reflector at the bottom, and then passes through the diffuser on the surface to increase the brightness. The film is ejected evenly. The thickness of the backlight is mainly determined by the height of the cavity between the reflective film and the diffuser. Theoretically, on the premise of meeting the installation requirements and luminous brightness, the greater the height of the cavity, the better the uniformity of the light emitted from the diffuser. The structure of the direct-lit LED backlight The advantages of the direct-lit backlight technology are high brightness, good light viewing angle, high light utilization efficiency, and simplified structure. Reserve a certain space between the diffuser and the LED light source to improve brightness uniformity. Therefore, the direct-lit backlight also increases the thickness, weight and power consumption of the module at the same time. Therefore, the number of light sources, luminous brightness and power consumption are all larger than those of the side. Light-type backlight. The heat energy released by the LED die under working conditions is concentrated in the cavity. When designing large-area, high-brightness LED backlight products, module heat dissipation devices should be considered. Which is better, direct-lit or edge-lit LED? Compared with the content, the direct-light metering-type picture details are more delicate and lifelike, and the color and contrast effect are better. The uneven brightness of the picture. The price is relatively low. False high component, small cost, large volume, relative metering type, relatively high power consumption, relatively low power consumption from the above comparison of the side-light type and the direct-light type, we can know which is better for the direct-light type and the side-light type, two different backlight sources Both use certain limitations and advantages, but at the same time there are relative shortcomings, so when considering the picture quality rather than the thickness of the display device, the direct-lit LED is the best choice. This article is about the comparison of direct-lit and edge-lit LED backlights, and an introduction to which one is better: http://www.xyhlcd.com/knowshow_934.html
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