Which is better, IPS screen or TFT screen? Why? What is the difference between them?

by:Kimeery     2021-09-03
The first thing to say is that IPS is not a screen material, but the name of a technology. Its essence is actually super TFT, which means that IPS screen is also a kind of TFT screen! To say which is better, of course, the IPS technology screen is better. The IPS screen has changed the arrangement of TFT mobile LCDscreen molecules (ordinary TFT mobile LCDscreen molecules are arranged horizontally, while IPS liquid crystal molecules are arranged vertically), so that it has a larger viewing angle, and there is no obvious pressing on the surface of the screen. The appearance of water ripples (the so-called hard screen), the color reproduction is better, and the picture is more realistic. These aspects are incomparable with ordinary TFT. There are so many advantages at the same time that it also brings an increase in cost, and the price will be higher compared to ordinary TFT panels. What does IPS screen mean? IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology is a mobile LCDscreen panel technology introduced by Hitachi in 2001, commonly known as 'SuperTFT'. Regarding the question of what IPS screen means, the advantages of IPS screen are high viewing angle, fast response speed, and accurate color reproduction. It is a high-end product in LCD panels. And compared to PVA panels, LCD TVs with IPS screens can achieve 780 lines of dynamic resolution. In terms of static definition, HD can still be achieved in accordance with the requirements of the 720-line HD standard. This panel technology enhances the dynamic display effect of LCD TVs, and can obtain better picture quality when watching sports events, action movies and other fast-moving programs. Compared with other types of panels, IPS panels are not prone to water pattern deformation with a light stroke, so they are also known as hard screens. When you look at the screen carefully, if you see fish-scale pixels facing the left, plus a hard screen, then you can be sure that it is an IPS screen. What are the advantages of IPS screens. Flat-panel TV manufacturers have shown their selling points such as 'Dynamic HDThe battle for market share. Samsung's PVA mode wide-view technology is widely adopted by Japanese and American manufacturers due to its strong production capacity and stable quality control system. At present, PVA technology is widely used in medium and high-end LCD monitors or LCD TVs. The VA panel is also a soft screen, and a similar water pattern will appear when you lightly swipe it with your hand. Screen touch effect Another major technical branch is the IPS panel commonly known as hard screen. The panel was previously jointly invested and produced by Philips and LG (LPL). Later, due to the transformation of Philips, the research and development direction was invested in medical, lighting and other fields, thus withdrawing from the IPS production line. It is basically supported by the LG family and officially changed its name to LGDisplay (LGD). The influence of voltage The biggest feature of the IPS screen is that its two poles are on the same surface, unlike other liquid crystal mode electrodes which are arranged on the upper and lower sides, three-dimensionally. This technology optimizes the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules, adopting a horizontal arrangement. When encountering external pressure, the molecular structure sinks slightly downwards, but the overall molecules are still horizontal. In the case of external forces, the solidity and stability of the liquid crystal molecular structure of the hard screen is far better than that of the soft screen! So it will not produce picture distortion and affect the picture color, which can protect the picture effect to the greatest extent from being damaged. There is also an S-IPS panel that is an improved type of IPS. Comparison chart The LCD panel with IPS hard screen technology not only has certain advantages in durability and easy cleaning, but also leads the VA soft screen in terms of functional parameters and performance indicators. Response time has always been the shortcoming of LCD TVs, but with the continuous advancement of LCD technology, the problem of LCD TV screen tailing has been well solved on IPS panels. The advantage of short response time enables the IPS screen to display clearer images in dynamic images. In addition, the IPS screen also has the advantages of accurate color reproduction and outstanding black expressiveness compared with the VA soft screen. IPS According to the test results, technical experts said: IPS hard-screen LCD TVs can perform outstanding dynamic high-definition pictures, especially suitable for the reproduction of moving images, without image retention and smearing, and are used to watch digital high-definition images, especially fast moving pictures, such as competitions. , An ideal carrier for racing games and action movies. The expert group said that due to the unique horizontal molecular structure of the IPS screen, it has no water streaks, shadows and flashes when touched, and is very stable, making it extremely suitable for touch-enabled TVs and public display devices.
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