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Which is better, LED display or LCD screen?

by:Kimeery     2023-03-23
LCD mobile LCD screen display' style='white-space: normal;'>The production process of LCD liquid crystal display is relatively simple, generally large size, LCD liquid crystal display, the production process is more complicated, generally small size, application, LED The display screen is used in advertising, and the LCD LCD screenscreen is used in small household appliances, instruments, etc. mobile phone LCD LCD screencan be divided into two types: single-chip and three-chip according to the number of internal liquid crystal panels. Most modern mobile LCD screen displays use three-chip LCD panels. The three-chip LCD screen uses three liquid crystal panels of red, green and blue as the control layers of red, green and blue light respectively. The white light emitted by the light source passes through the lens group and then converges to the dichroic mirror group. The red light is first separated and projected onto the red liquid crystal panel. The image information represented by the transparency 'recorded' by the liquid crystal panel is projected into the image red light information. Three-chip LCD displays have higher image quality and higher brightness than single-chip LCD displays. The LCD screen is small in size, light in weight, relatively simple in manufacturing process, high in brightness and contrast, and moderate in resolution. Now the market share of LCD screen accounts for more than 70% of the total market share, which is the largest market share in the current market. The highest and most widely used display screen. LCD liquid crystal display has many advantages that traditional CRT display technology does not have. It can provide clearer text display, and the screen does not flicker, which can effectively reduce the visual fatigue caused by staring at the screen for a long time. The thickness of LCD monitors is generally no more than 10 inches, so if the desktop system uses LCD technology, it will save more space. Although LCD monitors have their attractive unique features, it is undeniable that compared with their main competitor, CRT monitors, LCDs still have deficiencies in high-quality color display. A luxury product enjoyed by the few. LCD LCD screen manufacturers LCD mobile phone LCD screen customization LCD LCD screen

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